Annual ‘Planning’ Day!

Let’s Call In Guidance So You Can Show Up in the Full Force and Power of Your Being in 2020!

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There is Something Special About This Time of Year

I love the New Year. I love the blank canvas it offers. I love the freshness and newness and the chance to start with a clean slate.

Look, a lot of my clients don’t ascribe deep meaning to the beginning of the calendar year. But I believe we want to seize any and all opportunities to refresh and renew our understanding of who we are and reawaken and sharpen our desire about where we want to go,

Digesting the year and looking ahead creates an incredible opportunity to meet ourselves — a moment where we face the truth of what we’ve done, what we yearn for, and dance with all the emotions that rise up out of that.

In the clear recognition of who we are, of our scope and potential, we move out into the world differently.

What Can Be Awakened When We Look At the Year

Sacred Yearning rises up in full force. A devoted promise to Self to want what I want, to reach for what I want. To get what I want.

And yet, as the year draws on, we know  that that zest and conviction can dribble out. Dissipating in the face of the inevitable and predictable challenges that stand between us and what we desire. Overwhelm. Fear. Confusion. Set backs.

Over the years, I learned to shift how I planned and prepared for the New Year so that I became less enamored of the big, shiny goal and more interested in the process of deciding and setting up where to apply my energy so I was more likely to see growth, progress, and change.

Why It’s “Planning”

This day isn’t Planning in the traditional sense of setting concrete, specific goals, and then breaking them down into bits so you have a nice, linear, logical path to follow to what you want.

Those plans aren’t worth much.. They give us a temporary sense of control. Of having mapped things out. But as soon as we drift off course, they no longer provide useful direction, and become instead a source of guilt.

So this day is less about Planning than it is about Calling In the energy we need to express more fully, more vibrantly, more powerfully this coming year, Recognizing Our Own Yearning and the Feeling and Experience we want to create for others, Expanding the Substance of what we have to offer, and creating Nourishment to keep those raw desires alive throughout the year in spite of the bumps and scrapes that happen along the way.

But I’ve called this the Annual Planning Day so long, I hesitate to change it, and that’s why it’s “Planning” in quotes.

How the “Planning” Day Works

For this year, 2019, I am bringing a fresh new energy to the Annual “Planning” Day. The focus is on Expanding the Expression of Who You Are in 2020. On Course Alignment. On Creating Energetic Alignment before we do the nuts-and-bolts planning.

But don’t worry, we will still start the day with those multi-sensory, non-linear questions, we’ll just ask a slightly different question about them than in previous years.

During our half-day together, we’ll:

  • Use all of our senses to call in the energies and qualities we need to expand our expression in 2020 – a great way to get out of your head to connect with the deeper calling for the year
  • Delve into two key questions: what do YOU want to feel and experience this year, and what are you promising to help others feel and experience this year?
  • Identify how and where to expand the substance of what you offer, the key ideas, stories, or language that will let your people hear the bigger, deeper story you are here to share
  • Brainstorm possibilities for new expression and ensure that you are well-nourished and supported throughout the year with this expanded expression

(If you want more nuts and bolts planning, consider joining our one-day Strategy Focus Day in early January. Dates TBD.)

If you can’t attend live, you will have access to the workbook and the recordings for some time after the event.

What Happens After the Annual “Planning” Day?

If you like my approach, there are a number of ways to continue to work with me throughout next year. I won’t talk much about them at our event, but you’ll likely get a few mails after the event to invite you to join.

I offer a couple of different levels of support to stay in the game and stay with your desires and intentions for the year. Each quarter, you can choose:

  1. A la carte single events each quarter to plug you in to your most creative, expressive, powerful flow. These include:
    1. a Strategy Focus Day early in the quarter to design your business expansion strategy
    2. a 28-Day Challenge mid-quarter to deepen the nourishing or energizing or expanding habits that support change and momentum
    3. a Quarterly Review (a mini-version of this Annual Planning Day) at the end of each quarter to digest the past quarter and set the stage for the coming Quarter
  2. An Action Circle “inner circle” for ongoing, weekly community support, with Monday/Friday check ins, twice-weekly work sprints, and a monthly group coaching call
  3. My Firewalk Mentoring groups for small group coaching, exclusively for folks who have done message work with me
  4. My Words on Fire training designed to take you step-by-step through creating your Book of Language so you can express your biggest, deepest message to the world.

The Monies – What Makes Good Sense for You

You choose what you pay for the Annual “Planning” Day.

Over the years, I’ve structured this a number of ways from free but only to my clients, to charging for workbooks and access to recordings. I love leading this event, and it does require a good amount of my time and presence and admin support to make it happen and to include what we include. I’d love for our exchange to support us both in having this experience together.

First, I encourage you to take a moment and decide if this is an experience you want to have. If so, then come on board!

Then, take a breath and take a moment to decide what feels right to give in exchange for what you imagine the experience will be (or know it will be given past experiences). Don’t worry about getting it perfect. I will circulate an email after the event in case you decide that you’d like to contribute more.

  1. The requested minimum payment is $60. This helps to cover my admin costs and some of my time for the event. If contributing at this level would prevent you from paying for food or shelter or medical care, or you are on a limited fixed income with little to no room for extras, you may pay less.
  2. The suggested payment for the Annual “Planning” Day is $105. This is the price that makes offering this sustainable for me. Contributions above $105 add to my comfort and profitability.
  3. As you can imagine, pricing for similar events is all over the map. Some workshops are totally free. Paid experiences range from $49 for a two-hour program to $1200 for a weekend!
  4. The following people are invited to participate for free as a thank-you for being clients:
    1. current Action Circle members
    2. 2019 Firewalk clients
    3. 2019 private clients

I look forward to having you on board for this adventure of reflection and creation!

Suggested Payment: $105
(Choose the amount you wish to pay at checkout.)