Working Together One-on-One

There are very few places in the small/solo biz world where you are invited to step back for a moment and breathe more deeply in to who you are and what you have to offer.

There are very few places where you are called to step into the  deeper, wilder, truer in your expression.

Working with me one-on-one, you will:

  • recognize and name your own magnificence
  • live true to your own innate process
  • show up to make money offering your innovative wisdom to the world

The Path of Potent Expression

The Gateway: Step Into the Expanded Identity Needed to Bring Your Work to the World – $1800

All Potent Expression work begins here.

When we step through the Gateway, we are choosing to express the truth of who we are in this lifetime, and through our work, rather than trying to fit ourselves into a mold of who we think we should be, or trying to communicate what we think people want to hear.

The Gateway work is about defining the spiritual truth of who you are in words, and using those words to both reveal and express the magnificence of who you are.

  • Put Words to the True Spirit of Your Work (really your Life) – In one long session (an hour and a half), you’ll tell me stories, and I’ll distill what you tell me into language that captures the specific outcome you love to deliver that has been a theme throughout your life. Together we’ll refine that language until you give it a whole-hearted yes.
  • Claim Your True Wisdom – Next, we’ll unpack the underlying principles, ideas, or ingredients that reveal what life has taught you about bringing your True Spirit into the world. First, you’ll talk while I create a mind map of your body of ideas. Then you’ll write up each of what we identify as the key ingredients so we can review it together. This will take roughly three 45-minute sessions.

More time will be added, if needed, to complete these two pieces.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Once you know your True Spirit and True Wisdom, we move on to Intensive Message Development.

That process includes:

  • Map Your True Spirit Strategy
  • Develop the Story of What Your Work Does in the World, in both long and short form
  • Create a Coherent Public Presence that Reflects Your Brilliance, including your Web Site
  • Become Vibrantly Visible, sharing your message consistently on the platforms you most love showing up on

Map Your True Spirit Strategy

This work helps clear out the clutter of the million possibilities of where you could go with your work so you can focus on the projects (including Revenue Projects) that will be the best use of your precious time and energy.

  • Your Life Purpose According to Your Hands
  • Your Magic Wand/Blue Sky Vision of your Work
  • Current Design Constraints and Project Selection
  • Thrilled Beyond Belief Clients and Preferred Marketing Channels

Tell the the Story of What Your Work Does in the World

In marketing, we are telling the same story, over and over, in different places, at different levels of detail. Knowing the arc and flow of that story greatly simplifies the process of writing copy when and as needed.

  • Bridging – Connecting Your Audience’s Desires to What You Offer
  • Your Basic Story – Finding the Flow of Ideas to Express What You Offer and Why It Matters

You will be doing substantial writing between sessions.

Create a Coherent Public Presence that Shows Your Brilliance

  • Your Web Site
  • Elevator Speech and Tag Line
  • Other Copy
  • Sound Bites

You will be doing substantial writing between sessions.

You can also go through the foundational phases of Potent Expression work in an intimate group with personal feedback from me in the Words On Fire Transformative Communication class.

Recommended: 12 sessions Intensive Message Development plus 8 months of Implementation: $650 a month for 12 months (plus NM sales tax if applicable)

Intensive Message Development only: 12 sessions over 4 months - $900 a month for 4 months (plus NM sales tax if applicable)

Your Next Step

It's important we are a good fit! Before we meet to talk, please enter your email, and receive and answer the questions. Once I get your answers, we can schedule an introductory conversation.

I have found our work to be richly powerful and it’s amazing how it is surfacing in my work.  I am getting so much positive feedback from my readers about how I am touching their hearts and the spirits while seemingly reading their minds.  I attribute much of my ability to break through the online clutter and connect to our work we did together.  You had me discovering, unleashing, unbounding and practicing my true spirit in my writing…and it’s showing up with ease and well, it’s fun too!

~ Laura West, Center for Joyful Business,

Isabel has helped me tremendously to clarify what I do, how I do it, and to explain it to people in ways that they understand. I’ve seen a significant increase in my business since I worked with her — and I’ve tripled my income in one year’s time. I feel that this increase is remarkably attributable to my work with Isabel.

~ Jenna Avery,

Because you understood the emergent process, I didn’t have to explain myself or reinvent the wheel. You helped me build on my life long work, while developing new talking points for this body of work. We worked on language for my sales pages, my videos, my postcards. You also helped me define my marketing cycles – underlying the desire to have new web presence and when it needed to happen.

It was so useful to have your feedback to affirm that I was on track – to hear you reflect back in words what I wanted to bring forward. I felt like I could step out in the world without the fear of being misunderstood -  “that’s not really what I meant”

~ Rebecca Skeele  Sacred Ambition Mentor,