Working Together One-on-One

There are very few places in the small/solo biz world where you are invited to step back for a moment and breathe more deeply in to who you are and what you have to offer.

Where you are asked to keep naming what is True and acting on that.

It Starts with Your True Spirit

 True Spirit Session

All our work begins here.

What I know is that there is no greater power than you showing up to express the spiritual truth of why you are here.

You might be saying, "hey, Isabel, that's crazy! Is there really such a thing as THE spiritual truth about why I am here?"

Yes. There is. Not in a limiting "this is all you get to be in this lifetime" way.

But in a "something has been alive in you your whole life and if we listen deeply to the stories of your life it woll show up" kind of way.

Knowing your True Spirit is about putting words to what you most want to create an an experience for yourself this lifetime, and knowing what you most want to create for others in this lifetime through your presence and efforts.

Knowing your True Spirit helps you come home to yourself over and over again.

Sign up for your True Spirit Session here.

Ongoing Coaching

Once we have your True Spirit, you can work with me for six months at a time to step into fuller expression of yourself and your True Spirit.

Trueing Your Life Coaching

We'll usually meet three weeks a month for a half hour a week to discuss where your True Spirit is leading you and the life and work changes it is asking of you. This package includes minimal reading and review time (no more than 20 minutes a month).

$2700 or $450 a month for six months.

Messaging and Copy Coaching

If you are in business and have a web presence or other online presence, we can work together to develop your Book of Language to share your work with the world and write or update all your outward facing copy to reflect your deeper understanding of the magic you bring to the table.

We'll work on:

  • Defining your True Wisdom
  • Writing the Story of what you bring to the world
  • Developing Copy
  • Crafting Sound Bites

We'll usually meet twice a month for 30 minutes each. You will have regular written assignments and this package includes substantial time for me to read and review and comment on all your writing (up to 1 hour a month).

$3600 or $600 a month for six months.

Book Coaching

Are dreaming of that book you've always wanted to write? I'd love to help you birth that baby! We'll work on:

  • Refining the concept of your Book
  • Creating just enough structure to get you writing your first draft
  • Developing your writing practice and commitments that fit in your life
  • Understanding what needs to happen in a first draft and why it's ok if the first draft is really bad
  • Identifying where your writing is coming alive and what themes and threads are emerging
  • Building your stortelling skills
  • Deepening and strengthening your drafts so you start to really love what's on the page

$450 to  600 a month depending how much read and review is needed at each stage of the project.

I have found our work to be richly powerful and it’s amazing how it is surfacing in my work.  I am getting so much positive feedback from my readers about how I am touching their hearts and the spirits while seemingly reading their minds.  I attribute much of my ability to break through the online clutter and connect to our work we did together.  You had me discovering, unleashing, unbounding and practicing my true spirit in my writing…and it’s showing up with ease and well, it’s fun too!

~ Laura West, Center for Joyful Business,

Isabel has helped me tremendously to clarify what I do, how I do it, and to explain it to people in ways that they understand. I’ve seen a significant increase in my business since I worked with her — and I’ve tripled my income in one year’s time. I feel that this increase is remarkably attributable to my work with Isabel.

~ Jenna Avery,

Because you understood the emergent process, I didn’t have to explain myself or reinvent the wheel. You helped me build on my life long work, while developing new talking points for this body of work. We worked on language for my sales pages, my videos, my postcards. You also helped me define my marketing cycles – underlying the desire to have new web presence and when it needed to happen.

It was so useful to have your feedback to affirm that I was on track – to hear you reflect back in words what I wanted to bring forward. I felt like I could step out in the world without the fear of being misunderstood -  “that’s not really what I meant”

~ Rebecca Skeele  Sacred Ambition Mentor,