If you’d like to work with me privately or in my Words on Fire Transformative Message Development group, I need to make sure we are a good fit.

Please answer the following questions, and send to me at Isabel@isabelparlett.com.

I’ll acknowledge that I’ve received them, and get back to you within two business days.


1. Your Name & Contact Info
a. Name (First & Last) :
b. City, State, Country :
c. Phone Number (Best number to reach you at)
d. Website :
2. What Work Do You Want to Do Together
a. Are you considering:
Select one:
Words on Fire Communication Training (formerly Put the Mojo in Your Message)
Private Potent Expression Work (starting with The Gateway)
Not sure which is best
3. Tell Me About Your Work
a. Tell Me About Your Work — The work you really want to be doing if there is more than one kind of work in your world — what you do, who you do it with, what makes it so cool (Not your elevator speech but how you’d say it to a good friend who really knew you)
b. Is there a new direction you’d like to take your work? — If yes, tell me a little about that. Are you looking to develop language for your current line of work or for the new work you want to move into?
c. On a scale of 1 to 10, how clear are you that this is deepest, most profound message is that you are here to share?
d. On a scale of 1 to 10, how fully are you communicating or expressing this message?
e. What are you finding most challenging about developing and communicating your message? How is this impacting your business?

4. Tell Me About What You Want to Get from This Training
a. What are you most hoping will happen for you and your business as a result of taking this training?
b. How are you hoping to change as a writer?
c. How are you hoping to change as a business person?
d. How are you hoping to show up or express yourself in the world differently?

5. Tell Me About You and Marketing
a. Who is your desired audience for this work? What do you know about their wants and needs?
b. How comfortable are you marketing your services? — Is there anything might limit your ability to share your message more widely in new ways with new people once you have new words?
6. Tell Me About You and Writing
a. How would you rate yourself as a writer, outside of writing about your work and business? — Skilled writers do very well in this class. Less skilled writers often become more capable writers.
b. How reliable are you about completing written assignments in a timely fashion? — Knowing that you will follow through and make time for each writing assignment is CRITICAL to your success in the intimate group program as it is the primary way I am able to give you feedback. (Less critical for private work, though a lack of follow through will make the work take longer.)
c. How comfortable are you sharing your writing assignments, as well as fears and challenges that come up around your message, with a small group? — You’ll be posting your fieldwork for the intimate group on a class forum so my feedback to you can be viewed by the group. Not critical for private work.
7. Tell me About You Getting Triggered and Moving Through Discomfort
a. What old, sad stories do you tell yourself about yourself and your work?
b. How do you function in the “messy middle” of a process when things may be murky, uncertain, challenging, or not yet complete?
c. If something in a training or coaching experience triggers you or pushes a button, how do you respond? What is the best way for me to engage with you if and when you get triggered? What tools do you have to work with yourself in this situation?
d. Are you able to communicate from your adult self and have difficult conversations from a place of respect when you get triggered?
e. Are you willing to have me hold you to your agreement to see the program (or whatever level of private work we’ve agreed on) through even if it’s feeling difficult and uncomfortable or you’ve hit a road bump (knowing that I will help you through that difficulty)?
8. Tell Me About You and Time and Focus
a. In addition to the hour we spend on the phone each week, how much time can you realistically devote to completing fieldwork? — I recommend people block out two hours a week for both writing and responding to the feedback I provide.
b. Is there anything going on in your life now that might interfere or limit what you can devote to this training?
9. Some Final Questions
a. Why work with me?
b. Why this program or process?
c. Why now?
d. Is there anything else you want me to know?