Principle #7: Assume People Want to Hear What You Have to Say

Let’s talk about Principle #7. Assume that people care about what you have to say.

If you are going to step out in the world and show up in your full glory, writing and speaking your Words on Fire, it helps to assume that people care about what you have to say.

It helps you open up your mouth.

It helps you take up space.

It helps you keep going.

Is it true? Is it absolutely true that every single human cares what you have to say? Of course not.

But you know, it’s useful to believe they do.

Or at least, it’s useful to believe that ENOUGH people care about what you do that you keep showing up. You keep writing and speaking. You keep offering what you know, and offering what you offer.

I promise you, if you are a sensitive and good-hearted human, the things you know to say matter. The things you know to say are going to be useful to other humans.

The things that come from your belly? The things that are borne out of your lived experience, good and bad?

Those have value and I promise you someone out there is going to care that you said it.

So think of that when you feel shy or hesitant.

Who out there is waiting for you to speak up?

Who out there is wanting someone to say what you have to say in just the way you say it so something can change in their world?

Who out there needs your words like plants need water?

It’s a sweeter path if you believe people care about what you have to say. It feeds your commitment to keep refining your message, and to keep sharing your message.

And you know the beautiful thing?

The more you show up and write and speak, the more it will become true.

That’s because the people who resonate with your message will move in, will move closer. And the ones who don’t get it, they’ll start to move away.

Come on out here. We’re waiting for your voice to join the chorus.

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