Let’s Get Ready for Our Planning Day!

Disclaimer: Our live Annual “Planning” Day has already taken place. Use this page to access all the recordings and downloadable workbooks you need to take yourself through the “Planning” process.

Use this page to access all the resources you need to participate in this event. I encourage you to bookmark this page so that you can easily come back here as needed.

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Before the Planning Day: Your Year-End Inventory and Digestion

Starting Monday, November 30, I’ll be sending you lessons and video content by email to help you do a Year-end Inventory and to Digest 2020. If you missed any of those lessons, you can get them here:

Your “Planning” Workbook

2020 Planning Workbook

How to join the call on December 11th

Before you begin to go through the process, I encourage you to collect your True Spirit and True Wisdom, if you have those (if not, no worries, I have additional questions to help you).

You will also want to bring a journal and pen and many of the sessions will involve answering deep reflection questions.

Annual Planning Day Recordings

Recordings will be posted here after the live event takes place

All files, including video, audio, and chat can be found in this Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16esfD-4vAw_L8AOfNPR_JDUbujYmQWhR?usp=sharing

Session 1: Calling in the Qualities

Session 1 Video 

Session 1 Audio

Session 1 Chat Transcript

Session 2: What You Want Others to Feel and Experience

Session 2 Video 

Session 2 Audio

Session 2 Chat Transcript

Session 3: Your Innovative Wisdom

Session 3 Video 

Session 3 Audio

Session 3 Chat Transcript

Session 4: Putting It Into Pragmatic Action

Session 4 Video 

Session 4 Audio

Session 4 Chat Transcript

Session 5: Completing the Day

Session 5 Video 

Session 5 Audio

Session 5 Chat Transcript

Additional Resources

Financial Map

Here you can download your Financial Planning Map, including a blank template:
Download Handout | Download Example Template | Download Blank Template

Here’s to a fabulous 2021! If you have any questions, contact us: Isabel at isabelparlett.com