[Stories] Aine and the Relief of Letting Go of What It Is Supposed to Look Like

I was blessed to first work with Aine something like ten years ago and we resumed our work a few years ago. I love having these long-term connections to support people in the lifetime journey of bringing their truest expression forward.

Aine has really flourished in the Firewalk Mentoring Groups. Here’s what she had to say about her experience in the most recent cycle:

“For something like nine years, I’ve wanted to move from offering only my intimate, boutique financial services and into some sort of group offer. Even though I am passionately supporting myself with just my private practice, my soul has been calling out for me to make my work available to more people and have a larger impact on the collective.   To more fully, without attachment or “pleasing” filtering, express my perceptions and wisdom clearly, and to share it more widely for anyone who might benefit.

It’s been a slow process and the truth is I’ve beaten myself up for all the stops and starts and what seemed like failures to create a program and offer it. I worked with numerous and often lovely, brilliant coaches, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t fit myself into the way of working typically prescribed. I could not produce tangible outcomes on schedule. I thought something was wrong with me that I wasn’t moving forward.

For me, the life-changing experience in the Firewalk Mentoring Group has been not around accountability, scheduled creativity, or linear production but rather in the power of being witnessed in my own unique unfurling, accelerated by intuitive, judgement-free, kind, and wickedly intelligent feedback from Isabel.

I have truly come to understand and utterly honor my own Innate Process, as Isabel calls it – the oceanic wave-like flows of creative production cycling rhythmically with deep and long ebbs of dreaming, pondering, processing, and percolating.  I recognized also that my Sacred Yearning is tied to longer, deeper collective cycles of evolution (mine and the collective’s) and I trust my intuitive knowing about timing.

I finally let go of the corporate-experience-based structures I believed were required for my big vision to come to be and allowed to come into view the kind of untethering and fluid forms of outreach, offerings, delivery, and dissemination that suit my innate nature and my exploration of possibly living overseas for extended lengths of time.

This last cycle of Firewalk, I finally stepped into the kind of exuberant transmission and sharing of my fierce truth publicly in a way I never have before, and in a way that will build what Isabel calls “the Fertile Garden” for my paid and unpaid group offers, when I am ready to make them.

I stopped seeing my progress on my expansive vision at my age as being “behind” and now savor the reality that my existing business affords me the paradise of taking whatever time I need to develop the kind of collective contribution I am perfectly suited to make beyond my private client work.

I could not know as intimately and certainly as I do now the unique and ultimately potent way that I create and produce without my time in the Firewalk group.

The weekly declaration of priorities and insights. along with the calls exploring my process of creating – or not – in my own time, in my own way, in my own seemingly sporadic, often delayed rhythm, following ONLY – without exception – my exuberance in response to deep and meaningful conversation, trusting in the compelling next steps no matter how small or unrelated (yet) they seemed to my larger vision, and always honoring my Sacred Yearning.

All of THAT being documented and witnessed as I let go of my negative self talk, dysfunction-based drivers, ‘shoulding’ that repeatedly caused my wasted efforts on what wasn’t the True Spirt of MY work, obsessing over what I was told I should be doing and wasn’t, worrying about the response out there, and ultimately collapsing into hopelessness.  The lurch-out and collapse-back crazy-making of the last few years!”

Aine Dee, Wealth Reimagined

https://www.facebook.com/aine.dee and https://www.facebook.com/WealthReimagined

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