What I’ve Been Up To and Where I Am Headed: Part 3 – The Road Ahead of Me

In Parts 1 and 2, I shared how my beliefs about work started shifting and changing and how my life started changing the way I work.

Truth is I am only just emerging from this swirling time of stepping back. This time of reevaluating and recalibrating how I engage in the world. The demands of my personal life have left me at times depleted, wrung dry. Unable to find the energy to foist myself and my vision out into the world. I landed in June worn to the bone, my spirit paper thin.

I am still building the health and energy and support I need to bring forward this emerging expression of myself and of my work. And it’s clear now that the energy is building, and the path is opening up in front of me.

I have a clarity now that I didn’t three years ago. A sense of myself as solid ground that wasn’t there before.

In some ways, things may not look that different on the outside.

I continue to offer my Put the Mojo in Your Message training, my deep dive into intimacy with your message, which offers liberation from old patterns and an expanded capacity to share yourself and your work with the world.

I am still running my Action Circle (though I anticipate the form may change somewhat for 2017).

I still do my free events: the Annual “Planning” Day, and my Wild Business Writing Retreat.

I am still taking private clients through the clarifying self-awareness thet comes fro defining their True Spirit and True Wisdom.

But I am no longer caught up in the old dance of complicity with the half-truths, myths, and damaging stories about what we have to do and who we have to be to have fulfilling and thriving businesses. (Though I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more letting go to be done.)

I am less easily distracted or seduced by bright and lovely new things.

I am committed to making every class or session with clients a container for Catalytic Recognition. That moment of clarity about who you are and what you do that changes forever how you move forward, that expands your capacity to be out in the world in an effective way. I am committed to helping my clients take full Energetic Ownership of the work that wants to come through them, beyond having good copy or an on-point tag line.

I am yearning for more intimate work with clients, not bigger groups of clients. I am saying no to “leveraging” my business and rather making more room for private work alongside of the group work I am more known for.

I am yearning for more long-term work with clients, helping them beyond the initial discoveries of what they are here to share and offering ways we can continue to work together to bring new language forward, define the nuances of their message. To be a partner on the ongoing journey of unfolding their work and their ideas.

Navigating the bumps and troughs of being an alive, fully expressed human being out in the world making myriad decisions about who to be and how to be and how to bring that to the world so they can be seen and heard and paid and valued for what they do.

Are you feeling it too? A shift in the landscape of business? A change in your own willingness to play the old games or do things the way you’ve been told? An impatience to finally speak what you know and love and believe that’s gotten blocked up and bottled up somehow? Many of you have written to tell me that you do.

Are you tired of being told you are too much, too intense, too verbose, too esoteric? Is something emerging in your work that needs space, and air, and support and encouragement? I’d love to know.

As part of this rebirth, I am also reworking how I use email and social media to connect, communicate, and interact with people interested in the things I am interested in.

Going forward, I anticipate sharing more spur of the moment insights and perspectives inspired by my classes and clients throughout the week on my Facebook page. I anticipate making this email list more of a monthly or bi-monthly digest of what I’ve been sharing elsewhere as well as straight-forward notification about upcoming events or offers.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.