Wild Business Writing Retreat

Unleash Your Bigger, Bolder, Wilder Expression
So That Your Business Communication Comes Alive!

You are a wild, creative soul with so much goodness to share with the world but trying to communicate and express all that love you have for what you do has been a struggle.

You know your work is good, and different from what others do, but when it’s time to write about it, you can’t find the words.

You know you need to write for your business, like all the time, and you’d like it to be more fun.

You just don’t love what you write, and that makes you sad.

When It’s Time to Sit Down and Write

Something happens to us sometimes when it’s time to write for our business.

We get serious, slow, careful. We worry, we worry so much about saying the right things the right way.

We want so much for the beautiful work we do to be seen and recognized and wanted that we overthink things. We labor over our writing and we squeeze the life out of it by trying to bend and twist it into some writing formula someone taught us.

The truth is we can trust ourselves much, much, much more to be brilliant communicators.

We can trust that we have good and important things to say.

We can trust that beautiful words, images, and metaphors live inside of us that can help us describe what we want to offer people.

We can trust that when we find the courage to bring forward our most potent expression that magic will happen, that the right folks will turn towards us, hear us, pay attention to what we have to say.

So, Don’t Sit Down –  Stand Up and Shake Your Ass!
(So You Can Fall In Love with Writing Again)

Coming August 2017

That’s what we do in this day, is we practice rituals that get us past the usual censors and normal ways of operating and into a more wild, primitive, primal source of expression.

When you connect to your Potent Expression, EVERYTHING you do becomes more effective, more rich, more real, more resonant. It makes the moments you intersect with other human beings crackle with possibility.

What I’ve seen over and over again in my years of doing career and business development coaching, is that when people give themselves the permission and guidance to speak freely, they come to life, and the world stops to hear what they have to share.

But the ways we are often told to do our business writing can stifle us, divert our attention from this inner place of passion, and move us into flat, conventional ways of expressing who we are and what we do.

What Makes Your Business Writing Sing?

There are truly simple, simple ways we can begin to shift from being stifled to being free.

One of the simplest is to harness the power and wisdom and insight of our bodies.

To move our bodies to free our writing voice. To move our bodies so that we know more clearly what we feel and believe. To move our bodies to raise the energy and intensity of what comes out of our fingertips.

I’ve discovered that when people move their bodies in simple, easy ways and then move into writing, the quality of what they write increases dramatically. A good portion of our time will be spent moving and writing.

And then, we can deepen this technique of moving our bodies by adding:

    • free writing (to move past the “censor”,
    • poetry (to inspire us to move out of the every day and catch some of the possibilities of language as portal to another dimension),
    • and deep questions (so we move out of people pleasing and into the heart of what we want to share.)

We’ll play with all of these in our time together.

Why I Offer This Half Day

I offer this because I want to live in a world where this kind of full, whole-hearted expression is more the norm and less the exception.

I offer this because I want more people to really get how great you are.

And I want you to feel the joy of expressing yourself this way every time you write for your business.

Plus, this is a fun way for you to get to know me and to decide if there is more you’d like to do with me after this day.

Here’s How Our Virtual Retreat Will Go

On the day we meet, we’ll come together via live streaming video starting at noon ET (11am Central, 10am Mountain, 9am Pacific)

  • In our first session of the day, I’ll show you a way to combine movement, writing, and powerful questions to get you out of your head, and into your bigger, wilder self. I’ll be up dancing around in front of the webcam so you won’t feel silly or alone when I ask you to move your body.
  • During this time, we’ll move and write with a series of powerful questions to get past the surface stuff and into the richer material inside of you.
  • Next, you’ll have a half hour for either open writing time or a break. I’ll give you choices and instruction on ways to use your time.
  • We’ll reconvene at 1pm ET for a second half-hour session to move and write.
  • You’ll have a longer free writing period of one hour. Also, lunch, snacks, or a nap, if you need them.
  • We’ll meet a third time for a half-hour for more, you guessed it, moving and writing to more good questions.
  • We’ll conclude with a fourth session at 3:30pm ET to do some final writing, to integrate the lessons of the day and to share insights.

When you sign up, you’ll get the link to watch the livestreaming video or instructions for the phone-only option. You’ll also get a handout to guide you through the day.

On the day of, you can communicate with me and other participants through the livestream chat. And recordings will be available for at least 30 days after if you want to go back and review.

The Cost


If you don’t have $40, or dont’ want to pay $40, you’ll have the option this year of picking a price between $5 and $35.

Is There An Upsell?

I won’t be making a pitch for anything during our day together.

And I do offer this day in part so you can get to know me and decide if you resonate with my approach to developing your message and communication.

So, after the event, you will get some emails from me about ways that you can do deeper, more involved work with me.

It won’t be an overwhelming amount, and there won’t be emails screaming at you to take the next step.

Is This For You?

You’ll love this if:

  • You are a wild, creative soul bursting with good stuff you want to share with the world.
  • You know and like working with your body.
  • You aren’t used to working with your body but you are intrigued to see what would happen if you did.
  • You are frustrated with your business writing and are eager to find some other way to approach and dig in.
  • You aren’t too concerned about doing thing right or the way you are supposed to
  • You believe in magic and energy and the unplanned and the unexpected
  • You want writing for your business to be more playful and energizing
  • Some part of you believes you are a better writer than you’ve shown up as before now
  • You’ve been told you are too much, too intense, too esoteric, too lyrical, too something and trying to not be that has shut you down

You probably won’t dig this if:

  • You want to follow Joe or Jane’s XYZ marketing system and try to meld this approach with that (probably won’t work)
  • You like templates and a step-by-step approach.
  • You think the only way to make sales is to follow certain rules

Sign Up Now

It’s fun, it’s free.It’s one half of one day to see if we can shake loose something in you that’s yearning for expression.You have nothing to lose.It’s an easy way to discover what lies inside that is yearning to be shared.

And if flinging your body around is not your jam?That’s ok too. But come and check it out, you might be surprised.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us: info@soundbiteshaman.com

Suggested Payment: $40 Choose an Amount:

Isabel, what you are able to bring through people in their words is pretty remarkable. The big aha for me that came out in my writing was that I didn’t realize how out of touch I’d gotten with my wild side.

You connect people to their instinctual, wild self. You are a genius at what you do.

~ Baeth Davis, www.yourpurpose.com