Where to Start for Words on Fire

The Building Blocks of Potent Expression: Creating Your Book of Language

Audio and Video Recording with Detailed Workbook $31

It’s not just useful and practical to develop the right words to transmit the beauty, power, and magic of what you offer, the process of finding those words transforms you and your ability to have an impact on the world. In this call, we’ll go deeper into the key method of developing and intensifying your Potent Expression: creating a “Book of Language” that holds the energy of what you bring to the world. On this call, we look at:

  • Catalytic Recognition as the fuel to your movement forward
  • Developing a living relationship with language
  • How words create worlds, and why this matters when you offer transformation
  • Using sensory language to build the world you invite people into
  • How a having a Book of Language clarifies your understanding and radically simplifies your life
  • Tasting the shape of your True Spirit
  • The power of speaking in to Misconceptions

If you’ve struggled and stumbled to find words that match what you know you bring to people, join us for this call!

Call recording is about 90 minutes.

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