True Your Life, True Your Work

How Do You Show Up in the World?

You can be unapologetically yourself. Or you can be a watered-down cardboard cutout that fits someone else's expectations.

You can write searing articles and posts debunking your prevailing industry myths or safe, tidy ones with three practical tips on how to make things just a teeny bit better.

You can be a passionate voice for quiet leadership or ethical leadership or sacred leadership. Or all three. Or you can present yourself as yet another coach who helps leaders be more effective and get more done.

You can lay out the steps of what you know and see will make breakthroughs possible for your clients, or you can meet them "where they are" and follow them where they lead you.

When you recognize who you are, what you know, and you get in the cells of your body the power of that, the old insecurities that derail you -- that you are too much, too weird, too out there, that people don't get you or value what you offer -- lose a lot of their power.

You  stop explaining and start getting visible. You take bigger risks. You step more firmly onto your path of service.

You heal your soul. You grow your business.

Trueing Isn't For Sissies

Sometimes coaches, consultants, healers, and spiritual teachers think they have this Trueing thing down because they help their clients get closer to the truth of who they are.

But the fact is, as smart as we can be for other people, our own Trueing path can be a little more rugged. We don't always realize how we get derailed. Our blind spots can be so big. We don't see or hear ourselves clearly.

I can save you time and wasted effort by using my powers of deep listening and witnessing and languaging to keep guiding you closer and closer to your True.

My goal is to help you name the spiritual truth of why you are here, and then design first your life, and then your business (or art), around the expression of that truth to the world.

First you True your Life.

Then you can True your Business Design, your Messaging, and your Marketing.

And your Inner Storytelling.

Let's Get Started

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The Spiritual Truth of Why I Am Here

The True Spirit of my Work/my Life

Is to invite curious, courageous, maverick souls,

To experience the exuberance and the sweetness of being alive,

That comes from devoting themselves to knowing and living the spiritual truth of why they are here,

and using the wisdom life has cultivated in them as the beacon for their lives and the design of their work, no matter the size and scope of what they choose to take on,

Exalting in the power and beauty of what comes through them -- -- the striking of that unknowable chord -- and the deeper and more fulfilling impact that’s available when they hear their own heartbeat, listen to and move with their impulses, and express their voices and visions free of the filters and the noise of the world,

Finding ways to engage with other humans in intimate and collaborative and mutually rewarding ways through the accuracy and precision of their expression, recognizing their place in the Bigger Dance,

Catalyzed to take the right risks at the right time in service to something bigger, when staying silent or muffled becomes more painful than showing up in the full force and power of their being,

as they navigate the inevitable challenges of being human and bringing their presence and efforts forward in this sometimes beautiful, sometimes painful world.

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