The Path of Potent Expression Teleclasses

These single-session teleclasses introduce you to The Path of Potent Expression: the journey to bring forward your clear, true voice in the form of an effective business that sparks transformation.

All calls are stand-alone calls and do not require having listened to the earlier calls.

  • Each call is $31.
  • Each call comes with a robust handout to track the content and walk you through the exercises.
  • Call content and exercises will be 90 to 120 minutes long. I will stay on the live call to answer questions.
  • On live calls, you’ll be able to interact with me via the Zoom chat, share your answers to exercises, and ask questions.
  • After each live call, you will be able to access the recordings and handouts.
  • If you did not register for a live call, you can purchase access to the recordings and handouts after the fact.

Available Classes:

Potent Expression: How to Make Your Voice Ring Clear and True

(Recorded on Wednesday, May 9, 2018)  $31

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

In a noisy world, how do we make our voices heard?

By finding our Potent Expression, a place we write and speak from that conveys the depth and power of who we are. Potent Expression is about much, much more than being clever with your words. It’s about recognizing your own magnificence, and centering the growth and development of your business around that. It’s about having the courage to be seen for who you really are, not for the image you think the world will accept.

In this first call, we will:

  • Consider recognition of your magnificence as a driving force in creating your business
  • Review what Potent Expression looks and sounds like, and what it isn’t
  • Talk about the radically different philosophies of Traditional Marketing and Potent Expression
  • Evaluate the Potency of your current Expression
  • Discuss what it means to be a Firebrand
  • Name your Sacred Yearning, the desire that propels you forward

If you are tired of business-as-usual, and marketing-as-usual, and what to learn another way to bring yourself, your work, and your voice forward, register now to watch and listen to this call!

The Building Blocks of Potent Expression: Creating Your Book of Language

(Recorded on Wednesday, May 30, 2018)  $31

It’s not just useful and practical to develop the right words to transmit the beauty, power, and magic of what you offer, the process of finding those words transforms you and your ability to have an impact on the world. In this call, we’ll go deeper into the key method of developing and intensifying your Potent Expression: creating a “Book of Language” that holds the energy of what you bring to the world. On this call, we look at:

  • Catalytic Recognition as the fuel to your movement forward
  • Developing a living relationship with language
  • How words create worlds, and why this matters when you offer transformation
  • Using sensory language to build the world you invite people into
  • How a having a Book of Language clarifies your understanding and radically simplifies your life
  • Tasting the shape of your True Spirit
  • The power of speaking in to Misconceptions

If you’ve struggled and stumbled to find words that match what you know you bring to people, join us for this call!

Sane and Sustainable Business Strategy: Ease and Endurance Bringing Your Potent Expression to the World

(Recorded on Wednesday, September 19, 2018) $31

Your Business Strategy has everything to do with your ability to effectively share your Potent Expression with the world. The wrong business model or growth strategy can keep you busy and overwhelmed without moving you forward, while the right one helps you stay calm and focused for the long haul. In this call we’ll explore:

  • A simple way to understand business strategy
  • The three questions you need to answer to have a strong strategy
  • The four elements that make your strategy sane and sustainable
  • The power of aligning with who you already are
  • How to meld your bigger dreams with your practical needs and concerns

Audio and link to online handout are currently available.

Straightforward Marketing: Replacing Marketing Hype with Expressive Power

(Recorded on Wednesday, October 24, 2018) $31

What makes Straightforward Marketing practical and effective for solo business owners who are tired of being told they MUST push buttons and manipulate their clients in order to make sales? Turning up our Potent Expression and deepening our relational skills.

Straightforward Marketing matters because once we find the words for our Potent Expression, we need practical strategies to get our work out in the world so people can learn about it, benefit from it, and pay us in exchange for it!

Straightforward Marketing also matters because Potent Expression isn’t just the words we use. Potent Expression is HOW we show up when it’s time to make an offer, as well as before that offer and after that offer. So Straightforward Marketing becomes another opportunity to practice and embody your Potent Expression rather than a hurdle you have to get over in order to earn the right to do your Potent Expression.

Together, we will look at things like:

  • Standing up and making your offers with integrity and intensity
  • Establishing the relationship you want with clients during your marketing
  • Keeping it simple
  • Orienting around Love and Yearning rather than Pain

Come join me live for interaction and coaching, or sign up to receive the recording within 48 hours.

Sufficient Visibility: Using Vulnerable Exposure to Amplify Your Impact

(Recorded on Wednesday, April 24 2019) $31

There’s no avoiding visibility if you want to bring people to your beautiful and wonderful work. Your goal is to figure out what your right level of visibility is, and to find your just-right venues that allow you to be seen, heard, and felt as the one-of-a-kind original that you are. Come learn how you can create your own custom recipe for Sufficient Visibility and expand your comfort and willingness to be SEEN.