It’s Time You Knew the True Spirit of Your Work

In all the world, there has never been another human quite like you.

With your skills and gifts. With your rich lived experience.

All your life, something has been animating you, moving you forward, shaping what you explore and the lessons you’ve learned.

You might have a feeling for what that thing is. Sense in your bones when you are in that spirit and when you are not.

But can you name it?

When you know it, it changes how you see yourself. It changes how you understand the life path you’ve been on. It changes your understanding of who you are here to be.

You connect the dots between parts of your life that seem disconnected.

When you name your True Spirit, you know what you are here to create for yourself, and for others.

You have a powerful tool to make decisions big and small, by asking yourself which lets you express more of your True Spirit in the world.

You have a way to bring yourself home again, over and over, when you feel lost and confused.

You have the seeds of language to tell the story of the difference you make to the world.

If you want to True your life and your work, knowing your True Spirit will help you do that faster and more effectively than using trial and error.

What Is the True Spirit of Your Work?

The True Spirit of your Work is words on a page that describe who you are here to be.

It names what YOU most want to feel and experience in this lifetime, and what you most want OTHERS to feel and experience through your presence and efforts.

Your True Spirit IS the spiritual truth about why you are here, as you can best name it today.

It’s not just pretty words, or a grandiose idea of what you could be doing, it’s rooted firmly in your lived experience and in the language and metaphors of your whole life.

  • Knowing your True Spirit solves the problem of not being sure what your “thing” is, what makes you special or different from other people in your field.
  • It resolves the tension of KNOWING and FEELING that you have something special to offer but not being able to name it or describe it in ways that helps others get it. It clears up any confusion YOU have about the meaningful difference you make when you show up, when people let you in to their world.
  • When you know your True Spirit, you kind of have to stop dicking around and start doing your life’s work. When you know your True Spirit, you have something to grow into, day by day, week by week, as you bring your work into the world.  Something that captures your highest aspirations and your deepest desires.
  • When you know your True Spirit, you get less distracted by the next shiny, bright thing and what other people are doing, and get more focused on the thing you do and how it wants to come out into the world.
  • When you know your True Spirit, you show up with a clarity and solidity you didn’t have before. People experience you differently when you are in your True. You actually start to come into focus for people. Your words ping for people because they are coming from this deeper place, this deeper source that they can feel is grounded and clear.
  • When you know your True Spirit, you make better choices, because you can see more clearly which choices bring more of your True Spirit into the world, and which choices take you away from your True Spirit. (I originally developed the True Spirit as a tool to help people feel more inspired by themselves more of the time before realizing how powerful it was to develop strong messaging.)
  • With your True Spirit in focus, you have a touchstone, words to read aloud, to bring you back home to yourself again and again when the world tries to drag you off course.
  • When you see yourself this clearly, it gets you off your butt and out into the world taking messy and imperfect action to help more people (including you) feel and experience the thing you describe in your True Spirit.

Your Trueing Journey starts with knowing your True Spirit.

I haven’t found a better way in 29 years of coaching to get people on track with their life and out in the world with more power more quickly.

The True Spirit is the solid foundation to build your expression in the world, to shape your Business Design, your Messaging, and your inspired Marketing.

My particular genius in this lifetime is helping you put words to that Spirit.

So you can know it for yourself and recognize yourself for the gift you are in the world.

So you can communicate it to the people who want and need what only you can offer.

So that you live this live knowing you fulfilled what you came here to do.

I’m Here to Help You Name What You Haven’t Yet Named for Yourself

I can ask questions to start helping you think about your True Spirit.

But having me craft the True Spirit for you can make all the difference.

Seeing yourself clearly, connecting the dots between diverse experiences, working with the nuance of one word over another, capturing more of your energetic frequency can be hard to do on your own.

We are just too close to ourselves sometimes to see it clearly and be able to name it.

I listen in a way few people do. I track your language, your energy, and I use all my wordy skills to put it together in a statement that flows. This isn’t about fussy perfectionism. It’s about matching the words to your frequency, your spirit in a way that few people know how to do.

I can catch themes and threads you don’t see, connect dots you hadn’t connected, find the right metaphors from your own life, and word everything using the language that naturally comes out of you.

I can help you see more and ground more deeply in the stories of your own life. I can spot the metaphors that make meaning of what you are doing now.

Language is an incredibly powerful creative tool and one I am a master at wielding.

I don’t know anyone else in the world who does this process or anything quite like it.

It’s my gift and my genius to be able to listen to you and in a very short period of time put words to the essence of what you bring into the world.

I can do the heavy lifting of putting words to your essence so you don’t have to keep spinning your wheels.

How It Works

Here’s how your True Spirit session will go:

  • You’ll do a minute amount of prep
  • We’ll meet on Zoom.
  • You’ll tell me roughly three stories from your life and I will ask probing questions to get to the heart of that story.
  • I’ll take copious notes.
  • When I’ve heard enough, we’ll sign off Zoom.
  • I’ll spend a half hour crafting a first draft of your True Spirit.
  • We’ll meet back on Zoom.
  • Together we will refine the True Spirit statement until it is a whole-hearted yes for you and captures the deepest, most powerful thing you are here to do this lifetime.
  • I’ll send you all my notes and the finished draft.

The whole session should be two hours or less. If we need additional time to get there, we will take that time at no additional cost to you.

What Gets Started When You Know Your True Spirit

As a therapist, as a lecturer, consulting, working with teachers and parents, underneath, it was always about self-esteem . I hadn’t realized that before we worked together, not so clearly.

It was a release in a sense that getting really clear takes away a lot of stress. It became very easy for me to write my blog or send out a newsletter, come up with titles, to come up with a program. Everything’s centered around that focus. I felt really good about it.

Because my message was so clear, I found that when clients phoned me, they had already hired me from seeing everything that I so clearly put out there. They knew what I was about. I really didn’t have the traditional consultation that people do to attract that client. I just didn’t have that. I really got my ideal clients. They knew who they were, and they were ready. I never had to talk them into it. They felt the already knew me and knew what I was about. That continues to this day, actually.

~ Jeannie Campanelli,

You can read Jeannie’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.


You helped me understand the value of what I did for other people as well as the value of what I did for myself.

We often forget when we are in business, especially when we’re doing an unusual business, the whole point is to make a living. Yes, we want to make a living doing something we love, but we need to make a living.

You gave me an opportunity to express my value in a way that allowed me to earn money instead of feeling like if I was honest about how I felt and what I wanted to say that nobody would want to buy what I had.

I probably have quadrupled my business. Obviously I can’t say that was all down to my language skills, but the language gave me a real vision of what was possible for me as well as the ability to talk about it.

~ Helen Elizabeth Evans,

You can read Helen’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.


I used to think if I couldn’t explain what I did to EVERYONE, I wasn’t doing a good job. I realized I don’t have to. I only need to explore what I do with the people who light up when they hear me speak.

What I would say to anybody who has a large vision and is doubting that it is possible to talk about it, know that it’s so important to connect to and speak to that larger vision, because it will juice you and give you the energy to take your next steps.”

Through your training, I became more coherent. While I was healing from mold poisoning and doing NO outreach, I had more clients than ever. I wasn’t even posting on Facebook about my work. I was posting about social justice. I am getting more clients, I’ve turned people away. I am literally embodying what my true work is. There is an energetic magnetic that is happening.

~ Aine Dee, Wealth Reimagined,

You can read Aine’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.


In addition to all of the beautiful words that I created and language that came forth in me in working with you, I now have the capacity to just generate as much of that as I want. As I continue to evolve and my business continues to evolve, that will come out more and more. You haven’t just handed me a pile of fish, you’ve taught me how to fish. Now, I can do that forever. I’m deeply grateful for you and your genius and the fact that you said yes to it, and I love you.

~ Susanna Maida,

You can read Susanna’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.


What Happens Next

What happens after you know your True Spirit?

You start letting it shape how you live and how you show up.

You start to True your life using the True Spirit as a compass.

You let the True Spirit shape your Business Design, your Messaging, and your Marketing.

If we work on Messaging, we’ll develop your True Wisdom and your Story so you can easily and regularly write powerful copy to share who you are with the world.

You start to live more True, and show up more True, and express more True, and that is what makes you “on fire.”

There is so much you can build on the foundation of the True Spirit.

That’s why I strongly recommend that AFTER the True Spirit you continue to work with me more closely to apply the True Spirit in your Life.

You can work with me privately or in one of my Trueing groups.

If you register for continuing work with me (Six-month Coaching Package or Group Trueing Adventure) within 14 days of doing your True Spirit session, I’ll apply 20% of the True Spirit fee to your next phase of work with me.

Who It’s For

I personally think every single human would benefit from knowing the True Spirit of their Work (which is really the True Spirit of their Lives).

In addition to doing this with my clients, I’ve done this with friends and family to give them more clarity, focus, and purpose. To help them apply for new positions, or make other kinds of statements about who they are and what they do.

But the True Spirit is especially important for purposeful entrepreneurs who want to make their life’s work, and their income, from sharing the deepest part of who they are with the world.

It’s especially timely for folks who are eager and ready to step out into the world with a new vision or a new version of their work.

Let’s Do It

If you are ready to stop wondering what makes you special and start expressing that fully, the journey starts with naming The True Spirit of Your Work.

You’ll be amazed at how you can navigate your life choices and tell a better story about why you are here and the difference you are here to make. And how much more deeply rooted you will feel in yourself and in your life.

True Spirit Session  – $800

Yes, I want to know my True Spirit!