Are You Stumped Why People Aren’t Responding to Your Online Presence?

You May Not Be Saying What You Think You Are Saying

The words we put out in the world speak volumes.

They don’t just say what we think they are saying.

They communicate on multiple levels.

They show where we feel strong and where we feel weak. They show what brings us alive, and where we are confused. They show what we are ready to own and claim about our work, and where we are trying to please.

Any piece of writing potentially reveals what you are most passionate about and where doubt or fear are clouding your communication.

Get My Intuitive Hit on Your Message

Words speak to me. I have a gift for hearing what is and what isn’t being said.

When I read your current copy, no matter how rough or polished, I often sense what the real message and story is you’re here to share, and whether or not you’re stating it outright or soft pedalling it so as not to offend anyone.

I can quickly spot when you’re on target or when you’re drifting off the mark. I can see what you absolutely want to keep, and what you can quickly change to have a more powerful presentation.

The focus of my work is helping you find your True Path – to show up in this world understanding why you’re here, what you are here to experience, what you want others to experience. I want you to recognize your strength and magic. I want you to figure out your Real Work, and get busy expressing that full power with every fiber of your being.

Because It’s Not Just Your Message – It’s the Expression of Your Soul

Don’t faint, but words aren’t everything.

You are who you are, and your magic is your magic whether or not you have words for it.

People feel and sense who you are even when you don’t tell them explicity.

The problem is this.

If you can’t name what your thing is, your magic, the driving energy behind what you do, there’s a good chance that you aren’t seeing it clearly yourself.

And if you don’t see it clearly yourself, then the transmission of your energy will get garbled. There will be a fuzziness and a confusion when people are in your presence because something is jamming the clear and potent expression of who you are.

Naming something gives it more power. It gives you more access to your power.

When you KNOW who you are and why you are here, it changes how you show up ine world. It changes your energy and your presence.

People start to trust you, not because you EXPLAIN what you do well, but because they can feel the truth and the solid ground in you.

What You’ll Get From Your Online Message Review

So you might be thinking, well, great, Isabel, I know my Online Presence isn’t great. Do I really need to pay you to tell me what’s working and what isn’t?

Here’s what you stand to get from an Online Message Review:

  • feedback on what is working that will give you more confidence showing up as you are today
  • understanding of the language you are using that really lands so you can keep using it for good impact or use more of it
  • a (loving) kick in the pants to stop pulling your punches or pussy footing around what you really want to say
  • Encouragement to develop and deepen what you are saying that has substance
  • A list of suggestions to act on so that your online presence is immediately stronger
  • A sense of how close or far you are to knowing and expressing your message
  • My intuitve hit on what your message is

(P.S. If you know what you are doing online isn’t working, and it doesn’t feel worth getting my input on what you know doesn’t work, you can jump straight to doing a True Spirit session with me here.)

It Won’t Hurt, I Promise

Bringing your real message forward is an act of courage. It can feel vulnerable to ask someone (me) to not only read what you’ve written but to tell you what might not be working so good.

But it’s also a tremendous relief to no longer have to figure this all out yourself.

Let me assure you that my feedback will be delivered with tremendous respect, kindness, and enthusiasm for what you bring to the table.

You’ll have the confidence that comes from bringing on an outside perspective to help you spot the holes and inconsistencies in what otherwise might be a great presentation.

You’ll get concrete, practical suggestions about what you can do right away to bring more of the beauty of your message forward – a necessary step to your being seen and celebrated and rewarded for what you bring to the world.

How the Online Message Review Works

This Online Message Review focuses on the clarity and power of the message at the core of your business, rather than on the structure of your headlines, call to action, or bullet points. My work focuses on the powerful and passionate ideas at the core of your business: the compelling beliefs that define what you are here to do and the articulation of your original and personal process that shapes the content of the programs, products, and services that you offer.

When you get an Online Message Review:

  • You’ll discover where your message shines, and where your passion and clarity are getting muddied
  • You’ll pinpoint the most successful and effective language you are using
  • You may discover there is a better order or arrangement of the information on your site
  • You’ll be directed to expand where your energy and passion are strongest
  • You may have a crucial aha that gets you focused and moving forward in a more powerful way

When you sign up for your Online Message Review, you’ll direct me to your web site, and to the key pages you want me to review. You can also show me one or two other pieces of writing from a blog or emails. (And if you don’t have an online presence, but have other materials for me to review, that’s ok too.) In short order, you’ll receive:

  • a written report evaluating your online message in 10 key areas
  • a written summary of what I saw in your site, including my favorite language, what is working, and the key points for improvement
  • a short private video summary where I can elaborate on points that are trickier to address in writing
  • a 15-minute Zoom session with me to answer any questions you have about your review (and to consider if there are next steps we’d like to take together.)

Using the information you receive, you can quickly implement the changes yourself, or enlist my help in developing the foundation of your message and your personal “book of language”.

Get the Direction You Need to Move!

People who have experienced the Online Message Review appreciate being able to turn around and make immediate changes in their web copy. I am often able to pinpoint places where they were holding back, trying to please, or straying from what they most wanted to bring forward.

How much?



Sign Me Up

“Isabel’s Online Message Review helped me in three important ways: confirmation of what IS working, laser-like focus into what is fuzzy and unclear, and the biggie — her ‘intuitive hit’ that perhaps I wasn’t conveying my biggest deepest message. I liked the report categories and numerical ratings; they gave me clear, specific feedback that I could act on. The real bonus was the accompanying video of Isabel sharing her frank perceptions in a gentle, genuine way. Within 24 hours I was able to rewrite my site and feel really good about it.”

Lois Kelly, Corporate Rebel,

“Isabel, it was so useful to have someone with totally fresh eyes look at my site and help me figure out where my copy was working and where it wasn’t speaking for me the way I wanted it to. I appreciated our discussion about how to make the specific methodology I use – Neuro-semantics – come alive for people through a more personal way of talking about it.

Plus, your question about whether or not this was my biggest, deepest message was on target. Your intuitive hit was that there was a more concrete, specific message that could come out of me. Since then, I’ve finally found my ideal client: I’m now the Get-Out-of-Your-Own-Way Expert for Introverted Entrepreneurs. This is totally me and allows me to show up powerfully in all my shyness.”

Dr. Irena O’Brien, The Get-Out-of-Your-Own-Way Expert for Introverted Entrepreneurs,