Client Success Stories

I used to think if I couldn’t explain what I did to EVERYONE, I wasn’t doing a good job. I realized I don’t have to. I only need to explore what I do with the people who light up when they hear me speak.

What I would say to anybody who has a large vision and is doubting that it is possible to talk about it, know that it’s so important to connect to and speak to that larger vision, because it will juice you and give you the energy to take your next steps.”

Through your training, I became more coherent. While I was healing from mold poisoning and doing NO outreach, I had more clients than ever. I wasn’t even posting on Facebook about my work. I was posting about social justice. I am getting more clients, I’ve turned people away. I am literally embodying what my true work is. There is an energetic magnetic that is happening.

~ Aine Dee, Wealth Reimagined,

You can read Aine’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.

In addition to all of the beautiful words that I created and language that came forth in me in working with you, I now have the capacity to just generate as much of that as I want. As I continue to evolve and my business continues to evolve, that will come out more and more. You haven’t just handed me a pile of fish, you’ve taught me how to fish. Now, I can do that forever. I’m deeply grateful for you and your genius and the fact that you said yes to it, and I love you.

~ Susanna Maida,

You can read Susanna’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.

You helped me understand the value of what I did for other people as well as the value of what I did for myself.

We often forget when we are in business, especially when we’re doing an unusual business, the whole point is to make a living. Yes, we want to make a living doing something we love, but we need to make a living.

You gave me an opportunity to express my value in a way that allowed me to earn money instead of feeling like if I was honest about how I felt and what I wanted to say that nobody would want to buy what I had.

I probably have quadrupled my business. Obviously I can’t say that was all down to my language skills, but the language gave me a real vision of what was possible for me as well as the ability to talk about it.

~ Helen Elizabeth Evans,

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“The most significant change is that I now believe that marketing is important. I really get that for people to find me I have to put out what I offer. I have all these tools and written pieces from the training that I am using all of the time – elements of my True Wisdom, the bridging statements. I have really practical ways of expressing myself that feel good to me and seem to be getting a response.

When I say what I do, people say ‘whoa’! As I got more clear internally, people started coming up to me and asking ‘Tell me more about what you do, I am interested.’  I now use language that had been scary to me to use before. I am now bold about saying ‘I don’t offer you answers, I offer you tools to get answers.’  That seems to be drawing people in rather than repelling them! Surprising to them, but they like it.”

~ Ellen Grossman

You can read Ellen’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.

As a therapist, as a lecturer, consulting, working with teachers and parents, underneath, it was always about self-esteem . I hadn’t realized that before we worked together, not so clearly.

It was a release in a sense that getting really clear takes away a lot of stress. It became very easy for me to write my blog or send out a newsletter, come up with titles, to come up with a program. Everything’s centered around that focus. I felt really good about it.

Because my message was so clear, I found that when clients phoned me, they had already hired me from seeing everything that I so clearly put out there. They knew what I was about. I really didn’t have the traditional consultation that people do to attract that client. I just didn’t have that. I really got my ideal clients. They knew who they were, and they were ready. I never had to talk them into it. They felt the already knew me and knew what I was about. That continues to this day, actually.

~ Jeannie Campanelli,

You can read Jeannie’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.

It was such a unique approach. It really resonated with my entire being. I loved being challenged to get to that place of recognition, “This is it!” To bring together not just one piece of who I was, but all the parts of who I am. Once we defined the True Spirit, from there, other things seemed to flow.  The True Spirit work allowed me to feel much more comfortable bringing my spiritual self forward. I don’t know if this is what people are looking for, but it’s who I am.

Now, I show up in the world with this wonderful assertiveness wrapped in love and service. Even the way I speak, my delivery, my tone of voice, sounds so much fuller. It’s no longer airy or tentative. There is a deep resonance for me in what I am sharing. It comes from the depths of who I am.

~ Jenna Stoliker,

You can read Jenna’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.

It wasn’t about the web site, but my ability to create content for the web site was a litmus test of how clearly I understood what was I offering.

And I was at zero. I didn’t know what I was selling, what I was creating, what I was promoting, or why it was important. Sure, I had an internal idea but I couldn’t get it on paper in a way that would connect with someone else. I could talk about my work at a high level with myself and my husband. But from everyone else, I got a lot of blank looks.

I had tried writing the copy by myself. I had thousands of crappy first drafts. What was frustrating is that I’m a good writer! I’ve had experience writing for the public when I worked in health care. What I didn’t know was how to write about a unique body of work – it’s a different writing than writing about a cardiac program. But when you are bringing something new out in the world you have to walk someone up to it step-by-step.

Before this training, I had not done that writing for myself, taken my message and written long and for myself. I was always thinking about the finished product and what it would say on the web site. And I could never really get anything together that worked.

Now, I have a confidence and a certainty that the message is in me now, not out there. I knew I wanted to offer a great product, a great service, I knew why what I did was important. But I did not know HOW to find the words for it until I went through the Mojo training.

~ Denise Kelly-Ballweber,

You can read Denise’s full story, including some of the language she developed, here.

Isabel, you have an extraordinary capacity to listen deeply and help people find clear, simple words to reveal the soul of their business and share what they are here to do with the world.

Nobody does what you do. NOBODY.

~ Lissa Boles, The Soul Map,

During the process of creating my Core Message with Isabel, I really struggled with the fear that there was no need for what I wanted to offer, that people wouldn’t want it, and that they wouldn’t pay me for it. I have to say, the process pushed every button I have!Isabel’s approach to message creation goes much deeper than simply ‘writing good marketing copy,’ which is what most business owners focus on exclusively (a big mistake, I have learned!)Instead, Isabel took me down a path of discovery to learn what I am here on earth to say and do… and as a result, I looked closely at what I really love, what I’m here to share, and the changes, feelings, and experiences I most want to create through my work. Writing from that Core Message is so much more powerful and compelling than simply ‘writing copy!’

~ Sue Rasmussen,

I have found our work to be richly powerful and it’s amazing how it is surfacing in my work.  I am getting so much positive feedback from my readers about how I am touching their hearts and the spirits while seemingly reading their minds.  I attribute much of my ability to break through the online clutter and connect to our work we did together.  You had me discovering, unleashing, unbounding and practicing my true spirit in my writing…and it’s showing up with ease and well, it’s fun too!

~ Laura West, Center for Joyful Business,

Isabel, what you are able to bring through people in their words is pretty remarkable. The big aha for me that came out in my writing was that I didn’t realize how out of touch I’d gotten with my wild side.

You connect people to their instinctual, wild self. You are a genius you at what you do.

~ Baeth Davis,

Before I worked with Isabel, I kept hearing ‘Fergus, I would never have done business with you if I had not met you. When I read your website there was just no soul, it just didn’t connect with me the way you do in person.’

With the skills I learned from Isabel, I can now use the written word to connect with others and describe in words they understand what the sound of their voice can do for them. How it can help them create trust and confidence to share their message or sell their services. Isabel challenged me to move beyond saying ‘what I do is different for different people …it depends’ to sitting down and uncovering the methodology, the process I actually follow.

Now I’m getting approached by clients who already know what they want and why just from having read by website. Word is spreading so fast I’m being approached by people who want to become Vocaltrademark Certified Trainers. The skills I gained with Vibrant Language have proved invaluable in developing my recently launched Vocaltrademark Accredited Trainer Program.

Thank you Isabel!

~ Fergus McClelland,

I discovered Isabel when I realized that I wasn’t communicating as effectively as I wanted to with my audience… in fact, I was pioneering amazing new concepts to get dramatic results for my clients, but I was ‘missing the mark’ because I was using old, more traditional language that didn’t really fit my business. I had a limited language paradigm that needed to be enhanced in order to attract more clients. By working with Isabel, I discovered a new way of working with language that is not only more accurate and descriptive, but that really speaks to the soul of my potential clients. As a result of working with Isabel, my business has doubled and my people KNOW that I’m talking to them now! If you’re ready to move to your next level in business, the investment in Isabel’s training and materials will more than pay for itself very quickly.

~ Lynn Scheurell, Creative Catalyst,

Working with Isabel has been one of the most important business marketing investments I’ve made.  Though I was coaching full-time when I decided to take the course, I was foggy and unclear about how to talk about what I do, how I do it and the value I deliver.  Working with Isabel, I could finally say where I added value and how my strengths and passions informed my work.  This alone would have made Isabel’s work a worthwhile investment.

But as it turned out she had quite a few more tricks up her sleeve.  She helped me to sort and sift what I do and believe, coupled with what my clients want, to create a clear, cohesive way of projecting my work into the world.

I walked away with concrete tools I could use on my website, in conversations, during networking events and as the basis of articles.  Before the class was even over I was conveying to prospective clients in a clear and understandable manner what I do and how I could help them.  My closing rate of potential clients calling to inquire about my services went from 1 in 5 to 1 in 2 deciding to work with me.  In addition, even my friends commented that they had a better idea of what I did!

I was committed to my work before working with Isabel but after, I jumped out of bed every day and couldn’t wait to get to work.  I am not into hype.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate finding Isabel.

I will always appreciate her brilliance in understanding the challenges I face as a transformative service provider coupled with her ability to create tools that cracked open the mother lode of value just waiting to be mined within me.  If you have trouble talking or writing about what you do just roll up your sleeves, hire Isabel and get ready for growing your business from the results you’ll gain!

~ Elizabeth C. Hechtman, MS, PCC,

I had just gone through a deep branding process, but I still wasn’t clear on a day to day basis “What do I want to do? What do I want to say?” I couldn’t create an arc for my work –which book, which program should I focus on? I was hungry to feel safer, calmer, more grounded around business and my message.

I was a little worried that our work might have me circle back and reinvent myself. I had already done a ton of exploration. I was impatient, but it turned out each of the pieces we did together was essential.

Creating the True Spirit felt like being given a spiritual name, like I’d been initiated. It had that quality from the inside out and outside of being called into EXACTLY what I am here to do.

Exploring the True Wisdom – what my life has taught me – made me want to weep as well. The process was a real affirmation that I have a legitimate philosophy, that my life learning forms a complete coherent, lean system. I told you in one of our True Wisdom sessions, “I think I am falling in love with my work again.”

It was also the foundation for mapping out my love note content for the next 10-12 months so I could be out ahead of myself. I know what I want to yell to the world. I can pre-create that. It feels magnificent in my body. Now, all I have to do is show up and serve my clients because the need to create content has calmed down.

The information from the Life Purpose according to my hands was a highlighter for my own intuition. The picture that emerged helped me cut away some of my good business ideas as not a fit for me, at least not now. It gave me permission to aim everything towards personal, in depth, intimate relationships. This is the life blood of my business.

The combination of looking at my Magic Wand/Blue Sky vision, followed by the current constraints of my life — being an attentive mom to my two young kids — was an energetic integration. I grounded myself in the reality of my life. I could be less damming with myself about what I can and can’t get done right now.

Now, my energy is spot on. I am getting feedback that people are feeling me from a different place. Before we worked together, I was wrestling with a brand video. Our work together got to me where I could say what I wanted to say in 2 minutes in a concrete way. I got an email, “that video, you nailed it. You were talking to me, you made it for me.”

I am hearing things like “You are so grounded and confident. You seem relaxed and total badass about this stuff. You know what you are talking about but you are chill about it.”

~ Michele Lisenbury Christiansen,

Because you understood the emergent process, I didn’t have to explain myself or reinvent the wheel. You helped me build on my life long work, while developing new talking points for this body of work. We worked on language for my sales pages, my videos, my postcards. You also helped me define my marketing cycles – underlying the desire to have new web presence and when it needed to happen.

It was so useful to have your feedback to affirm that I was on track – to hear you reflect back in words what I wanted to bring forward. I felt like I could step out in the world without the fear of being misunderstood –  “that’s not really what I meant”

~ Rebecca Skeele, Sacred Ambition Mentor,

The intersection of spirit and business isn’t easy to talk about. I appreciate your complex understanding of language and how language is used. You aren’t just about coming up with phrases, but getting to what it is we are trying to say. I knew that you could help me have a spiritual message that was also grounded and practical.”

~ Mark Silver, Heart of Business,