Community Support for Trueing Your Life and Work

 Coming in 2024?

As many of you know, I am in the thick of Trueing my own LIfe and Work.

We closed the doors to the Action Circle at the end of 2020.

But I believe very much in the power of community to hold us as we learn and grow.

What I envision for the next iteration of community here is:

  • a library of recorded bite-size video lessons to guide you through your own Trueing Journey
  • worksheets to help you apply the lessons
  • regular coaching calls to get my input and ask me questions
  • hopefully a robust FB community to share your journey and support each other

In the meantime, I anticiapte testing and experimenting and beginning to build community in my free FB group (currently called Potent Expression but am planning a name change). In 2023, I expect to be sharing Life Trueing tools and challenges. So come join me there!

You are welcome in my groups. But any expression of hate towards people of different colors, faiths, gender expression or identity, or sexual orientation are not.

The Action Circle has made such a profound difference in getting my message out there. Here are the things I love and have gotten from the program: Soft Accountability – I didn’t really think this would make a difference. I didn’t think I needed it. What a difference it makes. Not because I am accountable to the group but I am accountable to myself. It is easier for me to notice how I’m doing, if I’m moving forward. Supports me in putting myself out there, launching programs and events and following through. Answers to my questions from Isabel and others in the group: I’ve loved this online community much more than I thought it would. There are wonderful people in the group, and Isabel and group members are very responsive when it comes to offering useful ideas and suggestions. I also don’t feel so alone and isolated and that I have somewhere to go when I am wrestling with a question. This also helps me stay engaged with my work and to continue to put information and programs out there. The structure of the program is broad-based, comprehensive and hugely supportive. Isabel offers practical, insightful ideas based on a caring and sensitivity to each person in the group. Plus the two monthly calls are filled with new ideas and insights that keep me inspired with new possibilities for my business. Annual and quarterly reviews keep me focused and excited about my work and moving forward. Results: I’ve launched more programs and had more fun and ease in doing them. ~ Connie Allen, Joyous Family,

After having just completed 6 months in a highly structured, high-end program I was ready for a more spacious, open approach, one which gave support, business information and colleagial feedback when I needed it. But also one which allowed me the space to implement, to be, to follow my own inner voice. To show up or not show up as the rhythms of my life shifted. To truly follow and trust my own deeper knowing rather than following a highly prescribed agenda. I found this here. There is a consistent thread of support to take action, to get things done, to explore and learn what works best in your business, to figure out YOUR way of doing business but the ‘rules’ and ‘steps’ are lightly held. There’s a kind of implicit sense that we’re all evolving businesses and at the same time evolving what it means to be in business. There’s no shaming if you don’t hit the mark because the mark is something you set, over and over again, with compassion and curiosity. The encouragement is to keep going, taking the steps that you need, even if that step is to rest and re-coop. Support without the pressure. I’ve been able to shift my own expectations of what productivity and success ‘should be’ and ‘should look like’. To respect and trust my own inner voice, while learning from seasoned business wisdom. It’s given me a place to ‘test’ my voice and its impact in a creative laboratory. This has allowed my voice to come out more strongly and more boldly in the world and to experience the sweet confirmation of it landing deeply on my audience. ~ Marilyn Daniels, Sacred Enterprise,

The biggest shift that the Action Circle has helped me make is to harness the power of taking small, steady, and specific action steps. I am finally getting on top of a life-long pattern of coming up with exciting ideas, seeing the major phases to make them happen, and then get overwhelmed and paralyzed at the task level (downward spiral ensues). Through the Action Circle, I have learned that I am not alone, and I’ve become much more realistic and forgiving with myself. I am taming my critical voices — so essential to being creative and courageous about bringing my True Spirit into the world! On a practical level, Isabel teaches simple ways to plan and prioritize our work so we can track and appreciate our progress. I get engaged with my work more easily, get things done more quickly, and feel more confident about myself and my work. Sign me up for the Action Circle again! ~ Mary Tolena, Easier Teamwork,