Dynamic Group Support for
Passionate Business Owners

Full Engagement Action Circle

Holding Together and Growing in Troubling Times

Welcoming new members now through Friday, October 9 for the Fourth Quarter. Our group begins on Thursday, October 1 and our Kickoff Call will be Monday, October 5.

Could things in the world be any weirder? We are facing unprecedented changes and profound uncertainty about what the world will look like going forward.

And yet, we still need, still want, to show up and do our work. To do our best to:

  • Sustain ourselves and our incomes so we can better support the humans and businesses we care about
  • Get up each day with a sense of focus and purpose
  • Use our gifts to serve others and make a meaningful difference
  • Aim ourselves towards growth despite the changing conditions

Being a business owner always requires a lot of psychic strength. And now, more than ever.

Sourcing the psychic strength to show up each day and take action to support, sustain, and grow your business.

Caring for yourself with unending kindness and love as you face the unknown and the unexpected.

How? By:

  • Remembering your own magnificence and the reasons you are in business in the first place.
  • Showing up every day fully engaged and able to manage yourself: your energy, your focus, and your attention.
  • Matching your actions to your actual energetic capacity and not to your fantasy of what you should be doing.
  • Developing your own best business strategy, based on the knowledge and experience you already have, rather than following someone else’s game plan.
  • Letting life challenges and unexpected events sharpen and deepen what you offer, rather than holding them as distractions to get past.
  • Bringing the fullness and the richness of who you are – your Potent Expression — to the table with everything you say, and write, and do.

We all need encouragement to stay in the game. An invitation to re-engage when we’ve gotten off track, and to be compassionate with ourselves when things don’t go according to plan.

We all need guidance to bring us back to what is rich, and sweet, and true and moves us forward when we get distracted or anxious.

We need rituals and practices that help us prepare for the next leap, to sustain our efforts, and to regroup on the fly.

We need a kind, supportive, encouraging community to keep us company, cheer us on, prop us up, and help us keep going.

That is what the Action Circle provides. Day by day. Week by week. Quarter by Quarter. Year by year.

Come join the Full Engagement Action Circle

The Action Circle provides a flexible, affordable way to be supported in taking consistent action and trying new things as you shape and run your business in a way that works for you.

The Action Circle is your safe place among kind, like-minded business owners where you can practice being more visible, more vulnerable, and more engaged.

In the Action Circle, you will be encouraged to honor yourself and your life. To create a business that supports the LIFE you want, that is workable and sustainable even as you experience all of life’s ups and downs.

The Action Circle encourages you to put into action all the training, coaching, and experience you already have in business, discarding what isn’t you, and doing more of what feels real and true. It’s a place to honor what you bring to the table, to keep stepping into the creative risks that are right for you.

A Different Kind of Business Support

The Action Circle provides an alternative to low-cost, large membership groups, private coaching, high-end “mastermind” programs, or going it on your own.

Unlike large membership groups, the Action Circle provides group coaching and community support with a personal touch. We’ve run with between 12 and 26 members at different times, so we are big enough to give you flexibility and autonomy, but small enough that everyone knows your name.

You’ll get personal attention when I review your Monday/Friday check ins, check in with you for our work sprints, answer your questions in our group calls, or comment on your post in our Facebook feed. Plus, the members who show up regularly learn each others’ desires and challenges and encourage each other along the way.

If you work with a private coach, the Action Circle can provide the complementary daily and weekly support that lets you put your coaching into action. If you aren’t working with a coach, the Action Circle provides the support and guidance you need to clarify what you want, make a plan to get it, and review how you’re doing.

Unlike high-end, breakthrough-style, “mastermind” groups that put intense pressure on you to quickly make big changes in hopes of snagging a big payoff, the Action Circle is designed to be support that you can afford year after year, even with ups and downs, slower periods, and times of experimentation.

It’s designed to be with you as you make small and large changes and make steady progress building a sustainable business. Some of our members have been with us six years or more.

And the truth is a number of our members get big results from the shifts they make and the actions they take as a result of being in the Action Circle. We regularly hear from members who are having their best ever years, who are significantly increasing their revenues, taking on more or better clients, or who are maintaining their current revenues while creating more balance and taking more time for themselves.

Unlike guru-led programs that push you towards the latest, greatest business model or marketing technique, the Action Circle helps you choose YOUR best business model, and YOUR best marketing approach, continuously encouraging you to name and claim what is aligned and true for you.

Unlike going it on your own, the Action Circle gives you a place to practice being visible, to declare your desires, to be inspired by new approaches, and to commiserate when the going gets rough.

When It’s Right

The Action Circle is a great group to join when:

  • You feel unfocused, unmotivated, or like no one really cares what you do day-to-day in your business. Knowing someone knows what you are up to and cares how it goes would make a huge difference.
  • You have a lot of ideas about how to grow your business but you aren’t putting them into action. You need help sorting through the possibilities and choosing a path and being accountable for taking action.
  • You are successful, but you are exhausted. You need help deciding what is supportive and what is busy work and finding the shifts that let you be more effective in less time.
  • You are starting something new. A new business or a new direction in your business. You know you’ll need to stick with it for a while to get it traction, and you want guidance and support as you take those steps.
  • Something isn’t working, you’re not getting the results you want, and you need help figuring out what or why.
  • You’re lonely. You miss having people to check in with and exchange ideas and support with.

What Makes Us Different — A Soulful Approach, Rituals of Reflection and Community Energy

Three things are at the heart of the magic we create in the Action Circle.

  • A Soulful Approach – Woven through the Circle is my distinctive perspective on life, on business, and on marketing. My desire to help you know your magnificence, claim your bigger, deeper, message and create a sane and sustainable business that lets you create a rich and meaningful life. You’ll get this perspective on our group calls, in our special events, and in our interaction in the group.
  • Rituals of Reflection – We are all strong, wise, and resourceful. But to access that resourcefulness, that creativity, that insight we possess about what is and isn’t working, we need regular times to stop, pause, and reflect. In the Action Circle, we take those moments for reflection and redirection at the beginning and end of every week, every month, and each quarter. With each pause, you have a chance to get still, get clear, and make stronger choices going forward.
  • Community Energy – Something magical happens when we do things together and not alone. The Action Circle is designed as a container so you feel held and supported in your desires and intentions for the week, for the quarter, for the year. In our weekly check-ins, in our weekly work sprints, in our twice monthly calls, our quarterly challenges, we come together to strengthen that sense of mutual support and encourage each other to do just a little more than we thought we could.

A Particular Way of Growing Your Business

People join the Action Circle to be more focused, more effective, more productive, day by day. They join the Action Circle to harness their power to consistently take small steps in the right direction.

People also join the Action Circle because they want to be supported and mentored in growing their businesses in a certain way. Not through push and hype. Not through frantic, exhausting, and manipulative marketing. But through honest service, excellence in delivery, refining of their unique contribution, and authentic marketing.

We focus in the Action Circle on Alignment: on finding your best and most powerful way to show up in the world. When I coach you in the group, on our calls, I’ll be encouraging you to step away from a lot of conventional marketing and business development teaching and instead develop your own knowing, your own wisdom, your own capacity to create great offerings and compelling marketing.

How It Works — The Bones of the Program

Your group experience will include:

  • Your Business Assessment. You’ll be encouraged to go through a Business Assessment to pinpoint areas you would most benefit from working on. You are encouraged to retake this assessment each quarter to track your progress.
  • Weekly Monday and Friday check-ins to help you find your focus. At the beginning of each week in our FB group, you’ll be invited to declare your True Priority for the week, and and at the end of the week, you’ll share how it went and what you are learning.This is a great discipline that helps you activate your own clarity and wisdom and work in a more focused fashion.
  • Twice-weekly “Work Sprints” These are very popular and surprisingly effective. You’ll meet on FB chat with other members to declare a focus for the hour. You’ll work on your own, knowing that others are working alongside you virtually. You’ll meet back at the top of the hour to report back what you got done. A great focusing tool and productivity booster. We usually do two work sprints per week. I usually do a Sprint on Wednesdays at noon ET, and Adel leads Sprints on a combination of Mondays or Tuesdays or Fridays often around 3pm ET. Times are subject to change.
  • 5 Group Coaching Calls per Quarter These 60-75 minute calls will be led by me, Isabel. One call each month with focus on progress and business skills teaching, and the second call will focus on pragmatic application of our teaching. Calls are currently on the first Monday and Third Thursday of the month at 3pm ET. All calls are recorded. We generally have two calls a month, however, we will have only one call in March, June, August, and December.
  • Strategy Focus Day each quarter At the beginning of each quarter, we’ll meet for a few hours to work on our Business Strategy (I offer lots of resources and worksheets) and do coaching on strategy. Our Second Quarter Strategy Day will be Friday, July 10 from 1pm to 5pm ET.
  • 28-Day Challenges each quarter For 28 days each quarter, we use an additional online accountability tool to take daily action and build habits that support the growth and health of our businesses. These provide more frequent accountability and greater interaction among members. Most of the time you’ll be asked to choose your own challenge so it’s relevant to your needs. Our Second Quarter 28-Day Challenge will run from Tuesday, August 18 through Monday, September 14.
  • Quarterly Reviews each quarter The Quarterly Review is the perfect follow up to the Annual “Planning” Day! These half-day live-streaming retreats allow you to digest the past quarter, explore the energy of the coming quarter, revisit the qualities, projects, and plans you’ve chosen and regroup if needed based on what you’ve learned so far. Our Second Quarter Review will be on Friday, September 25 from 1-5pm ET.

(You can also participate in the Strategy Focus Day, the 28-Day Challenge, and the Quarterly Review a la carte this year. https://isabelparlett.com/a-la-carte-group-support-events/)

Who the Action Circle Is For

You’ll love this if:

  • You know you are here to bring something important and precious to the world. You want to bring YOUR work forward, not just find an expedient way to make money.
  • You’ve been around the block. You know some about business, not everything. But you no longer feel the need to chase the latest shiny object, nor do you need to learn all the cool new things people are promoting. You want to use and refine what you already know.
  • You are pretty independent and self-motivated. You have a good sense of what you want to do in your business and you don’t need outside accountability as much as you want self-accountability.
  • You want more focus and more community as you work.
  • You value the prompt to reflect on what you are doing instead of just racing ahead.
  • You want to be open to new ideas and inspirations for how you grow your business.
  • You like light guidance more than someone telling you what to do.

You’ll hate this if:

  • You want a “guaranteed” blueprint or game plan to follow vs. sourcing your own plan and getting better at creating your own strategy.
  • You still get tempted in to shape yourself into something the market will want vs. stepping out as who you are
  • You need a lot of outside pressure to do things. You want someone to push you into a breakthrough.
  • You are fuzzy or unclear about what you offer
  • You have no idea what to take on as goals or projects for the year
  • You are confused or conflicted to the point you can’t take action. (No shame being here, but this is probably not the best support to resolve that.)

Why It’s Useful to Be In the Action Circle

In general, participants in the Action Circle find they are more relaxed, more focused, and more effective working in their businesses.

They produce results like:

  • Having “best ever” revenue months or years
  • Earning more money per client through simple asks
  • Bringing in larger organizational clients where their work will have more impact
  • Changing their business model from low-profit individually enrolled workshops with the general public to securing contracts with international organizations

The Action Circle can also help with HOW you do your business (and not just the results you produce). For example:

  • Feeling less alone
  • Starting the week knowing what matters most (your health, for example) and what two things you most want to complete (a new promotional email and your monthly bookkeeping)
  • Making time to write new blog content or send out those choice few marketing emails
  • Remembering to choose Revenue Projects, like a new private coaching offer, and not just Development Projects, like updating your web site
  • Drilling down your Strategy from the general “wanting to be more visible” to the specific “posting video content on LinkedIn three times a week”
  • Identifying small steady steps to improve how your business works, like telling current clients about additional work you could do for them
  • Letting go of your old marketing training shoulds, like “every email should have an offer” or “send your ezine at the same time the same day every week”
  • Getting more consistent about the things that make the biggest difference in your business, like reaching out to people in your network who can connect you to corporate decision makers or inviting people into sales conversations
  • Changing your work hours and schedule so you feel less drained at the end of the day
  • Carving out a few more hours each week to work on your new and dear-to-your-heart business instead of the one that you’ve been relying on for income
  • Continuing to serve existing clients and reach out to potential clients in the face of illness, loss of a loved one, or a sudden move

You can read some more detailed stories of the kinds of positive changes our members have made here:

Getting More Done with Less

Adapting to a Changing Business Environment

The Power of Being Fully Present

More Active Marketing

Things the Action Circle Will Be Less Able to Help You With:

  • Figuring Out Your Book of Language  The larger group nature of this program isn’t structured for the personal attention needed to develop your specific message and signature language, though we will talk about those things. (If you would like that support, please see my Message Development program Words on Fire.) That said, you are encouraged to share your writing, and you may refine or expand your understanding of what you are here to offer, or experiment and test new ways to present who you are to the world.
  • Learning Basic Business Development and Marketing If you don’t have any training in how to grow a business or market, this is probably not the right place for you. All questions are welcome, and we will talk about marketing a fair amount but the group works best if you have some basic knowledge you can put into practice. If you need foundational training, I can recommend some good options for business training
  • Healing Deeply-rooted Pain and Fear Around Selling and Marketing The Action Circle is designed to encourage you to get up every day and make good choices about how to spend your energy. You don’t have to be a superstar who has it all together, but you do need to be able to take action. If you aren’t, let me know and I am happy to make recommendations about other resources to break through energetic or emotional blocks to taking action.

Who Will Be Your Guides?

Tech Insight and Business Development for Introverts courtesy of Adel Brown

Adel is a longtime member of the Action Circle who joined us six years ago as co-leader. Adel shares webby tips to help navigate technology better. She’s also has personal experience in marketing for introverts. She’s shared generously about her experiences using LinkedIn to build a “small village” of connection with a personal touch to grow her business. She is a web-content editor based in the Pacific Northwest and works privately with small business owners who want to use the web to create an effective, comfortable space for connecting with their ideal audience.

Your Fearless Leader: Isabel Parlett

I am an innovative healer and passionate mentor at heart. I want you to have a great life as well as a great business. I am as imperfect and flawed as any other human, and love to give you permission to show up in the world as less than perfect yourself. I am curious, driven to explore and investigate what does and doesn’t work in business, and love sharing what I am learning as I am learning it. I am compassionate, practical, and down to earth and I believe that while having your own business is demanding and challenging at times, it shouldn’t destroy your soul.

When You Can Join

The 2020 Action Circle runs by the calendar Quarter.

Welcoming new members now through Friday, October 9 for the Fourth Quarter. Our group begins on Thursday, October 1 and our Kickoff Call will be Monday, October 5.

You are welcome in my groups. But any expression of hate towards people of different colors, faiths, gender expression or identity, or sexual orientation are not.

Pay What You Are Inspired

Because I want this program of support to be available to people just starting or in transition or established in their businesses, who may or may not have a steady cash flow, I am offering this on a “Pay What You Are Inspired” basis. I’ll give you some guidance below to help you choose what to pay.

I love leading this group, and it does require a good amount of my time and presence and admin support to make it happen. I’d love for our exchange to be balanced and to support us both in having this experience together.

First, I encourage you to take a moment and decide if being part of the Action Circle is an experience you want to have. If so, then come on board!

Next, take a breath and take a moment to decide what feels like a balanced payment to make in exchange for what will receive as a member of this group.

I will circulate an email midway through the quarter, and at the end, in the event you realize as you go along that you would like to contribute more.

Payment Guidelines

The payments are structured as MONTHLY payments. You’ll make the first payment when you register, and your account will automatically be charged two more times at monthly intervals for the quarter at the amount you chose.

  1. The suggested MONTHLY payment for the Action Circle is $150. This is the price that makes offering this sustainable for me.
  2. A generous, supportive payment for the Action Circle is $180 a month. Contributions above $150 add to my profitability offering this service and are greatly appreciated. This also makes it possible for those with less means to participate at a lower rate.
  3. The requested minimum MONTHLY payment is $90. This helps to cover my admin costs and some but not all of my time for leading this program. If contributing at this level would prevent you from paying for food or shelter or medical care, or you are on a limited fixed income with little to no room for extras, you may pay less. And I do retain the right to say no to any offer I deem too low for the exchange.
  4. As you can imagine, pricing for similar events is all over the map. I’ve seen comparable programs offered between $75 a month and $300 a month!

If you’re confused, email me at isabel at isabel parlett dot com and tell me how you want to participate and I’ll walk you through how to choose and set up your payment!

Instructions for Entering Your Payment IMPORTANT

When you go to the shopping cart, the program will be priced at $1 a month. You will select your MONTHLY payment by adjusting the QUANTITY of the item to the dollar amount you wish to pay. This is the amount that will be automatically deducted for your second and third payments for the quarter.

So, if you are planning to make the suggested payment of $150 for full participation in the group, you would set the quantity to 150. If you are planning to pay the requested minimum of $90, you would set the quantity to 90.

I look forward to having you on board for this adventure of reflection and creation!

Action Circle 2020 – Pay What You Are Inspired

The Action Circle has made such a profound difference in getting my message out there. Here are the things I love and have gotten from the program: Soft Accountability – I didn’t really think this would make a difference. I didn’t think I needed it. What a difference it makes. Not because I am accountable to the group but I am accountable to myself. It is easier for me to notice how I’m doing, if I’m moving forward. Supports me in putting myself out there, launching programs and events and following through. Answers to my questions from Isabel and others in the group: I’ve loved this online community much more than I thought it would. There are wonderful people in the group, and Isabel and group members are very responsive when it comes to offering useful ideas and suggestions. I also don’t feel so alone and isolated and that I have somewhere to go when I am wrestling with a question. This also helps me stay engaged with my work and to continue to put information and programs out there. The structure of the program is broad-based, comprehensive and hugely supportive. Isabel offers practical, insightful ideas based on a caring and sensitivity to each person in the group. Plus the two monthly calls are filled with new ideas and insights that keep me inspired with new possibilities for my business. Annual and quarterly reviews keep me focused and excited about my work and moving forward. Results: I’ve launched more programs and had more fun and ease in doing them. ~ Connie Allen, Joyous Family, joyousfamily.com

After having just completed 6 months in a highly structured, high-end program I was ready for a more spacious, open approach, one which gave support, business information and colleagial feedback when I needed it. But also one which allowed me the space to implement, to be, to follow my own inner voice. To show up or not show up as the rhythms of my life shifted. To truly follow and trust my own deeper knowing rather than following a highly prescribed agenda. I found this here. There is a consistent thread of support to take action, to get things done, to explore and learn what works best in your business, to figure out YOUR way of doing business but the ‘rules’ and ‘steps’ are lightly held. There’s a kind of implicit sense that we’re all evolving businesses and at the same time evolving what it means to be in business. There’s no shaming if you don’t hit the mark because the mark is something you set, over and over again, with compassion and curiosity. The encouragement is to keep going, taking the steps that you need, even if that step is to rest and re-coop. Support without the pressure. I’ve been able to shift my own expectations of what productivity and success ‘should be’ and ‘should look like’. To respect and trust my own inner voice, while learning from seasoned business wisdom. It’s given me a place to ‘test’ my voice and its impact in a creative laboratory. This has allowed my voice to come out more strongly and more boldly in the world and to experience the sweet confirmation of it landing deeply on my audience. ~ Marilyn Daniels, Sacred Enterprise, sacredenterprise.com

The biggest shift that the Action Circle has helped me make is to harness the power of taking small, steady, and specific action steps. I am finally getting on top of a life-long pattern of coming up with exciting ideas, seeing the major phases to make them happen, and then get overwhelmed and paralyzed at the task level (downward spiral ensues). Through the Action Circle, I have learned that I am not alone, and I’ve become much more realistic and forgiving with myself. I am taming my critical voices — so essential to being creative and courageous about bringing my True Spirit into the world! On a practical level, Isabel teaches simple ways to plan and prioritize our work so we can track and appreciate our progress. I get engaged with my work more easily, get things done more quickly, and feel more confident about myself and my work. Sign me up for the Action Circle again! ~ Mary Tolena, Easier Teamwork, easierteamwork.com