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Dig Deep to Find Your True for Next Year!

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You —  the Complex, Creative, Maverick Soul Who Wants to Chart a True Path this Lifetime

You want your life to be sweet, rich, fulfilling.

You want to make the most of this lifetime. Do what you came here to do and enjoy the ride.

As we approach the end of the year, you may be feeling all kinds of things: anxiety that you haven’t done all the things you thought you’d do or become who you thought you’d become, and tenderness as you envision the new year and all the possibilities it might hold for you.

The New Year is a chance to pause, reflect, and recenter in your own sense of what is right and True for you. Your most powerful place to move from.

Come join me for two powerful hands-on work days to complete this past year and set the course for the New Year.

Not “Planning” But Something Better

Humans are really bad at forecasting the future. So traditional plans where we set goals, break them down, and then map out what we’ll do each quarter or what we need to do each week don’t tend to be useful after the first few weeks of the year.

Planning in the traditional sense doesn’t work well in a time when we are dealing with changes and curve balls we could never anticipate – personal or collective.

What does work is to know who you are and what you bring to the table and to build skills to help you navigate moment-to-moment by what is True for you instead of what-you-think-you-should-be-doing or even worse what-someone-told-you-you-should-be-doing.

What’s True for us is usually lying in plain sight, but if we don’t take time to collect the pieces, examine them, and claim them as ours, we miss them.

Chart Your True Path

Nothing matters more than Trueing — than feeling and finding your way to the path that is yours and to your Innate Process for moving through the world.

More powerful than goals is anchoring in to all the things that make you you.

Remembering who you are and what you bring to the table.

How the Chart Your True Path Day works

This not your usual Annual “Planning”. Rather it’s a dive into Trueing. Into knowing and naming the spiritual truth of why you are here so you navigate from that, rather than a preconceived notion of how the year will unfold.
Some of the things we’ll do are:
  • define, reconnect to or refine the True Spirit of Your Work, the animating energy behind all you do, the thing YOU most want to feel and experience and what you want others to experience through your work
  • define, reconnect to, or refine your True Wisdom. The lived experience you carry that shapes your Innate Process and shapes what you offer the world
  • tell the truth about desire and what brings you alive and letting that guide your efforts and right risk taking
  • shape your journey through just right structure (probably less than you think it needs), support, and specificity so you can flow your way forward rather than push
This is a great way to get a mini taste of how I help folks find their True Path and show up in their Potent Expression in the world.

You’ll also have access to all our Year End Review materials if you want to go through those at your own pace.

How the Day Will Flow

We’ll meet at the top of each hour on Zoom to connect and share.

In between Zoom sessions, you’ll have time to work on the given assignment, feeling supported knowing there are lots of kindred souls working alongside of you.

You’ll have a workbook to guide you through the process.

If you need to show up late or leave early, you can use the workbook to catch up or work on your own.

The event will be recorded and recordings will be posted within the week. You will have access to the workbook and the recordings for some time after the event.

But I gotta say, there is magic in being there live so plan to be there for as much of the day as you can.

The Monies – What Makes Good Sense for You

You choose what you pay for the Annual “Planning” Ritual.

Over the years, I’ve structured this a number of ways from free but only to my clients, to charging for workbooks and access to recordings.

I love leading this event, and it does require a good amount of my time and presence and admin support to make it happen and to include what we include. I’d love for our exchange in this to be balanced.

First, decide if this is an experience you want to have. If so, then come on board!

Then, take a moment to feel into what’s right to give in exchange for this experience. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. I will circulate an email after the event in case you decide that you’d like to contribute more.

  1. The suggested payment for the Annual “Planning” Ritual is $360. This is the price that makes offering this sustainable for me. Contributions above $180 help subsidize those who contribute less.
  2. The requested minimum payment is $180. This helps to cover my admin costs and some of my time for the event. If contributing at this level would prevent you from joining us, you may pay less.
  3. The following people are invited to participate for free:
    • 2022 Group Trueing Adventure clients
    • 2022 private clients

I look forward to having you on board!

Join me Friday, December 16 and Friday, January 6 from noon to 4:30pm ET

Suggested Payment: $360
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