Get Newly Inspired about Your Life Path (and Business Design)

Fresh Answers Are There in Your Fingerprints.

Crazy, Right? But You’ll Be Amazed at the Depth and Usefulness of This Information in Helping You Shape a Life (And a Business) of Meaning and Fulfillment

Your life may be going along just fine. Or, you may feel like all the hustle and bustle and commotion aren’t adding up to the rich, satisfying life you are longing for. You may not be clear why you are here, or what your best path is to work that will let you thrive and prosper. You may just be looking for that next jolt of inspiration to light you up and fuel your next efforts.

As human beings, we are wired to want happiness and to avoid suffering. We search for what will fill our hearts and spirits with joy and meaning. How lovely is it, when we find a way to shorten the phase of trial and error, when we find a map to help guide that search, to give it direction.

What It Looks Like When You Find the Map

In life, it can be so hard to see ourselves clearly. Our life experiences jostle with our inner fears and judgments about who we are, who we can be, even what the real strengths and assets are that we bring to the table. It’s easy to end up chasing the wrong things for the wrong reasons. Thinking that if we only get this job, make this much money, find our life partner, that life will fall into place.

Anytime you can get clear, objective information about who you are, and what works for you, life gets easier. You make decisions more quickly, with less second-guessing or self-doubt. You understand why you’ve thrived in some situations and struggled in others. You start to see where you may be holding yourself back, and you gain a new permission to pursue what truly feels like the life that is yours to live.

In fact, when someone who may not know you gives you a picture of who you came here to be, it can change the way you see yourself. It can validate a hidden dream, or it can redefine how you’ve always thought of yourself. It can expand what you are willing to reach for or give you courage to make a long-needed change. (To be honest, it might also feel scary, or too big, or out of reach, or not important enough, but even that experience can be useful in the long run.)

My work has long been about helping people find the strength, the courage, and the deep self-appreciation that sparks them to step out into the world to share who they are and what they know. I mostly do that through my innovative business communication work. But I also do it through Scientific Hand Analyis, an art I fell in love with about six years ago. I treasure having these deep conversations, and using my skill at communication and interpretation to bring forward something new that will move you forward.

My Life Purpose Hand Analysis confirmed some things I already knew, but brought them into focus for me in a way that gave me more confidence to make changes and follow my instincts.

When my hand analysis showed in black and white that I was a Healer, it not only confirmed I was on the right path, it also legitimized all the time I’ve invested in my own healing. It bumped up my confidence immediately.

You challenged me to make it a priority to look at what brings me peace. So instead of doing what I had been doing, which was going a bunch of different directions with my marketing, doing all the things I thought I was supposed to, I stopped and asked myself which way of marketing I enjoy and bring people through the door.

The Life Purpose Hand Analysis is like  having a guide or a road map to go back to again and again to review where am I at, to ask myself if I am I honoring these things. I love having this foundation to work from.

Monica Milas, EFT, Matrix Imprinting, and Somatic Experiencing

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What Is Special About Your Fingerprints

Life Purpose Hand Analysis isn’t palm reading that predicts your future. It’s an analysis of the patterns in your fingerprints that identify areas of natural strength or potential weakness.

What’s special about the fingerprints? Your fingerprints form in utero starting at about 14 weeks. Unlike many of the markings in your palm, once formed, your fingerprints never change your whole life. Not only that, each individual print is unique to you among all humans. Just one print out of ten is all it takes to identify YOU as you.

Numerous medical studies in fact confirm the connection between the fingerprints and both medical and psychological conditions.*

What You Learn From a Life Purpose Hand Analysis

Looking at your fingerprints will allow me to determine your Life School, Life Purpose, and Life Lesson.

  • Your Life School describes the the area where you’ll want to develop mastery in order to have the psychic energy to move into your Purpose. Your Life School helps you understand what daily practices give you more power and strength.
  • Your Life Purpose will describe your areas of greatest innate strength that together define the more specific path to joy and fulfillment for you, the skills and strengths that when you use give meaning to your life.
  • Your Life Lesson helps you understand what keeps you from the fullest experience of your Purpose, the persistent illusion you hold about yourself that keeps you from seeing clearly or taking right action. Sounds like a bummer, but when you understand your Life Lesson and address it with consciousness, it frees you to move forward with less effort and struggle.

These three pieces of information form a blueprint to help guide your growth and development.

With this information in hand, you can make better choices about your professional path and your life choices. You can better identify the next big leap for you to make. I can show you how this information suggests where to focus your energy and efforts for maximum payoff and how to move through your most common roadblocks. Applied to your work, it helps define the form of your business, sharpen your message, and prioritize your efforts.

While I specialize in business owners, you do not need to have a business to benefit from a hand reading! The information can be applied to your career, your art, your family, and your community!

Stop Wondering and Start Moving

This information is both fun and eye-opening. I personally use my fingerprint information on a regular basis to make key choices. Following the guidance in my hands, I:

  • rebranded my business from Parlance Training to The Soundbite Shaman
  • overcame years of undercharging through understanding how my life lesson made me afraid to ask for more
  • developed daily practices to nourish me and move me forward energetically
  • started integrating movement and poetry into my communication training
  • freed myself from feeling I “should” build an information-product empire

(If you are wondering, my Life School is the School of Love, my Life Purpose is Innovative Healer and Passionate Mentor, and my Life Lesson is Emotional Authenticity or Feeling and Expressing my Feelings Fully.)

I loved my Life Purpose Hand Analysis! It truly is a map of my soul, of my essence. I keep going back to my reading. I review my analysis, and it tells me why things are off so I can address them. I wish I’d had this information when I was in high school, to be honest.

My reading was transformative. It was the divine giving me permission to stand in my power.  One clear message came up in my reading, “when you play small, it doesn’t work for you.”  I grew up very aware of being an introvert, of being empathic, highly sensitive, intuitive, nearly clairvoyant.  Over time, I came to a certain acceptance of self, but part of me still judged it as “I am this kooky person off here in the corner doing my own thing”.

My reading affirmed that  I am kooky AND I need to let the world see the kookiness because there are others out there like me and they need permission to be themselves!

Isabel told me that the brand promise of my business was to connect people with the divine.  Part of me knew that, but now I think it’s sinking in on a soul level. It’s what my guides have been trying to tell me for years but I kept dancing around it.

Getting a Life Purpose Hand Analysis is like getting the insider’s road map to your own life. It shows you specifically what to watch out for, what you need to work on, what you are blessed with. Your own personal manual you didn’t get when you were born. With this, I am able to shine my light out in the world in a big way , in the way I am living and engaging with others as well as business.

Helen Garside, Wise Woman, Transformational Guide, Igniter of Possibilities and Creative Pathfinder

Why Work With Me

The truth is there are hundreds or even thousands of people around the world trained in this form of Hand Analysis.

People come to me because they know my skill in putting words to things that are hard to articulate. They come to me for my compassion and deep listening. For my ability to apply the information in their hands to their specific life situation, and to explain it in a way that they can hold on to and make good use of.

People also come to me because of my long, rich experience working with small business owners, many of whom are bringing fresh, original work into the world. They work with me knowing I can draw on my own experience as a business owner (and human being) and my experience coaching others to translate this information into logical next steps.

My unique talent is being able to map the hand information into your business design and messaging. While the initial hand analysis won’t give you a message with the level of specificity of a True Spirit statement, it will give you some of the broad themes and threads that will want to play out in your business messaging. In fact, a Hand Analysis can be a good first step to the more in-depth messaging work I do.

I was trained by Baeth Davis, one of the leading hand analysts in the world, and I had the privilege of co-leading a business mastermind alongside Baeth where we used this information to guide the participant’s learning and growth.

How the Reading Works

  • Once I receive your payment, I’ll send you your hand printing kit with instructions.You will return those prints by mail or by scan.
  • When I receive your hand prints I will verify that I have a good and complete set of prints, and we’ll schedule your private reading.
  • Before the session, I’ll carefully analyze your prints, derive your individualized reading, and prepare notes for our session.
  • During the session, which I’ll record, I’ll walk you through the information in your hands, and ask key questions to help you interpret and understand the informaiton for your situation
  • After the session, you’ll receive a written summary of the information and a link to download the recording of our call

I have a long time successful private practice offering soul coaching. Out of curiosity, I had Isabel to do a Life Purpose Hand Analysis for me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was impressed by the accuracy of the reading and the usefulness of some of the information for helping me navigate challenges and move forward.

Isabel told me that my purpose according to my hands is to be a successful business person with a spiritual message for the masses. While the “successful business person” was not a surprise, the idea that it’s in my hands that I am an author and speaker in the spotlight, sharing a message that transforms consciousness, touched something very deeply in me.

I often felt a yearning to be in front of larger audiences around the world, but wondered if that was a sign of ego, or some unhealthy impulse in me that craved attention and approval. My hand reading helped me honor that impulse and allow myself to explore more ways to bring my creative message forward.

What also was a revelation was the idea that my recurring life lesson is shame that keeps me confused about what I really want. Time and time again I’ve gotten in a stuck place and recognized this lesson. Isabel’s reminder that this is my “Achilles heel” helps me to see it more clearly and even laugh about it now when it comes up.  I remember that it’s just a temporary illusion that I don’t know what I want. And then I use all my tools to discern what I want so I can move forward. Shortening this cycle of confusion that keeps me from naming my real passions has allowed me to continuously grow and expand as a person and in my work.

Patricia Flasch, Leading from the Hearts, Soul Coach and Author,

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Plus, after our initial hand analysis, many clients chose to book quarterly Life Purpose Coaching sessions to track how they are progressing and to define next steps.

Yes, Isabel. I want to know my blueprint for my soulful life or soul-based business!

Life Purpose Fingerprint Analysis

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* See Life Prints by Richard Unger for more information on this research.