Your First Step to Trueing Your Life and Your Work

Finding your right place, your real work, and your best way of sharing who you are with the world

You're smart, and sensitive, and complicated. You've created your own business. Your original work in the world.

You mostly ARE doing your purposeful work and are ready now to step into a new iteration of your work, a new level of visibility, a new experience of impact.

But some things just feel off:

  • You're stressed and anxious as often as (or more than) you are happy and fulfilled.
  • You are working harder and making less money than you'd like.
  • You struggle with all the decisions in your business, from setting or raising prices, to the length of your program or client contract, to whether or not you need to use video or provide handouts for your webinars.
  • You feel resentful sometimes about the hours you put in, what you earn, and the recognition you aren't getting.
  • When you think about being visible, and asking for work, you worry about doing it right and you lose your sense of bringing something magnificent to the world.
  • What you write and speak doesn't entirely sound like you or fully convey how very cool you and your work are.
  • You feel overwhelmed thinking about being more visible, bringing in more business, or generating more income.
  • You're not working with as many clients as you want to feel the impact of what you do in the world.
  • You feel frozen with indecision about how to move forward.

More than anything, you want to see your work thrive and flourish in the world (even if you're facing life challenges or limited capacity).

  • You want to feel on purpose and on target.
  • You want living and working in your business to be a joy.
  • You want to make a satisfying income that lets you live the kind of life you want to live.
  • You want the fulfillment that comes from knowing your spiritual truth and sharing it proudly with the world -- to know you showed up and did what you came here to do in this lifetime.

It's too easy in business to abandon ourselves, to abandon what we know, in deference to "how it should be done."

Whether we realize it or not, we often give away our power to the "experts" and then wonder why what we create doesn't feel bone deep good.

Most of us haven't been taught how to True (or even that there is such a thing as True).

Or shown how to tune in again and again to the deeper truths of who we are, to the solid ground of what we know, to the resonance we have when we choose what is right for us.

My Path

My whole life, I've had the impulse to True the big things, even when they defied logic or expectations. I decided to pursue an acting career out of college despite having very little training and no knowledge of the industry. I leapt into coaching when it first emerged as an independent profession despite knowing nothing about how to run a business. I just knew, in both cases, that was the right choice for me.

But the smaller decisions within the decisions? With my business especially, I wanted so hard to get it right and succeed that I followed what I was taught even when some part of me was crying that things were off. I'm embarrassed to say there were times that I sent kinda pushy emails, written in a breezy, confident voice that wasn't really mine. I offered a live event and a high-end mastermind when those weren't my preferred ways to engage because that was the model I was told I should offer. And I ground my way through launches and promotional campaigns amped to perform, sweating the results, and drifting further out of my sweet spot as the passionate, loving soul with something to say that I am (that we all are, really).

Trueing Your Life and Your Work

You were brought here to do something beautiful and special and miraculous and irreplaceable in the world!

Trueing your business means designing your life, your work, your business, in all aspects so it supports you in doing your most purposeful work profitably, and feeling ease and delight as you move through your business and life.

Trueing is consistently refining your understanding of who you are and what is true for you and your work -- so you can bring your business into alignment with that.

The first step is to recognize that you no longer want to walk any path but the one that is True.

That you are no longer willing to veer off of True in order to please others, be the good girl, or the A student.

That you are no longer interested in grinding away doing all the things in hopes that if you work hard enough and do it right you'll get what you want.

In biking, Trueing a wheel means taking a warped or flattened wheel and bringing it back to a near-perfect circle. When your wheels are True, you go further with less effort because you've removed the distortion and interference to smooth rolling.

The same is true for your business. The more you True, the further you go with less effort and struggle.

Why Does Being True Matter?

At its best, your business is your greatest act of self expression. It's the vehicle you create to bring your lived wisdom into the world in ways that change things for the better. In ways that profit everyone, including you.

It's the container you create to engage with other humans in ways that are deeply meaningful and fulfilling.

Every degree you are off of True dilutes the power of what you can bring to the world.

It muddies other people's experience of the Gift that you are. It muffles your message. It can even muffle you.

Simply put, when your business isn't True, you, the miracle of you doesn't come fully into focus.

When your business isn't True, you can’t help but work against yourself. Even when that’s the last thing you want or intend.

You'll inadvertently make things harder, and miss out on all the little things that would elevate what you do from competent into magic.

Running a business that isn't True is more work, more stress, with less positive return than when we make our business Wildly True.

Not being True hurts your heart and soul. It reinforces old, sad stories about who you are and whether or not you matter.

In engineering, even a few degrees off of True can make a huge difference. The two halves of the bridge no longer meet in the middle.

When you are True, your business becomes a work of art, designed in ways that make it much easier for you to thrive and shine.

When you are True, your business grows because your people see, hear, feel and sense the heart of who you are.

People are drawn to you like a magnet, wanting what you give off.

You thrive because you are no longer looking outside of yourself for business answers, but to the part of you that really knows what works for you.

Facing the Core Fears of Trueing: "I Won't Be Understood, I Won't Be Valued, I Won't Succeed"

Trueing requires facing the core fears most of my clients face.

"People don't understand me and what I do (at least not without out a lot of explanation)"

Because my clients are bringing original work into the world, they can't follow simplistic formulas for saying what they do and still remain True.

Because what they offer is often fresh and original, they struggle with the fear they'll be misunderstood (a fear they've carried most of their lives).

And that can lead to wonky communication driven by the fear that if they don't say things just right, people will miss the goodness they bring to the table.

It can often lead to overexplaining. Pressing your point. Mistrusting that your people will hear you. Making folks jump through hoops so you can be sure they get it.

Instead of cutting loose and saying what you know to be true.

When your message is true, you know in your bones that you are unmistakable and irreplaceable. There's simply no competition. Just your commitment to get out in the world and share what you do.

When your marketing is true, then being visible isn't about push, persuade, and sell. It's about giving your work the voice it deserves, the attention it deserves, so your goodness is available to more people.

"People don't value what I do"

Sometimes when we've had real experiences of not being seen, or understood, or valued, we start to generalize and anticipate that in our businesses, especially our marketing.

We know what matters to us, but we can walk through the world with a chip on our shoulders, sullenly saying "this damn world! no one really cares about the things I know are important!".

And that starts to skew WHAT we are willing to share, HOW we end up sharing it, and WHAT we have the courage to offer.

It can make us small. Keep us hiding away in obscurity instead of showing up in the world and engaging with other humans.

Or blasting out emails in a frenzy to be seen that leaves you more shaky and uncertain.

And a crazy-making toggle back and forth between the two ends of this that’s exhausting.

It keeps us from standing strong in the clarity and confidence that what we offer is invaluable and the trust that those our work is for who will see it and honor it as well.

When you start to recognize that you are Gift, just as you are, you don't need to twist yourself into a pretzel to give value to others. Your value start to be a given, a cornerstone,  and becomes less of a worry or constant question.

Being visible gets much easier.

"If I'm True, no one will buy from me!"

And one of the fears most of my clients struggle with is the fear that if they truly show up as themselves, if they shape their business around what delights them, that they'll fail.

That if people really see them for who they are they'll be rejected. They'll be judged or criticized.

Or worse.

No one will care.

No one will buy.

You may worry that you are doomed to fail miserably for having the hubris to bring something new and different into the world.

When you recognize that being True means being in your power, it actually starts to make sense that being True will make it easier to grow your business, not harder. Easier to bring in new clients. Have more impact. And make more profit.

I've struggled with this myself over the 28 years I've been in business. When one of my early coaches said she saw my work as being communication work I resisted because I remember an industry leader I respected saying "no one wants to buy communication work."

When I was ready to take my business to six figures, I back-burnered my message/communication specialty thinking that more general business coaching was more marketable. And it took me time to find the courage to shift out of the more narrow message specialty I was known for and into this larger territory of Trueing.

Each time I started to drift off path, something would happen to wake me up, to remind me who I really am. I'd have a moment of profound recognition of myself (what I call Catalytic Recognition) that would give me the courage to diverge from the beaten path, to claim the territory that was mine, and step out into the world with a new offer.

Each time I've acted on that knowing, and owned more fully the distinctive flavor of energy and perspective I bring, I come home to myself. My creativity flourishes, I do better work in the world. My coaching gets more powerful and my clients get better results.

Life has nudged me in the right direction, and I've also been blessed with mentors and coaches who've helped me step forward.

Trueing is a Whole Life Solution to Your Business Challenges

Going on your Trueing path solves the problems of:

  • Feeling alone trying to navigate your business
  • Feeling confused about what to offer
  • Feeling overwhelmed or oppressed trying to follow someone else’s blueprint or game plans for growing your business
  • Feeling fuzzy and uncertain about how to market your work in a way that feels good to you
  • Judging yourself or beating yourself up for not showing up the way you think you are supposed to
  • Showing up trying to follow a mish mash of directions and suggestions from different courses or coaches
  • Hating social media
  • Not having ideas about what to put on social media
  • Feeling exhausted and depleted after a marketing push
  • Trying to run your business on the assumption that you have more energy and bandwidth than you actually have
  • Losing connection to what you really want your life and your work to look like
  • Hiding behind “professionalism” or being nice when you show up to do your work instead of standing for your truth
  • Showing up as nice or pleasant but keeping under wraps what makes you special when you post or coach or facilitate
  • Trying to manage how your audience perceives you
  • Feeling disenchanted or uninspired when making offers of your services

When you True, it affects your business. But it also affects your whole life. You may find you start changing how you spend your time, what you prioritize, and how you move through your day.

The Path to Wildly True

The paradox is that to get your business lined up to True, you don't need to do MORE.

What you do need is to make sure that everything you do is a little more TRUE (which often means doing less with less push).

  • You build your Trueing muscles so you get better and faster at knowing what is True for you
  • You shift your Identity into one that is more True
  • You get support and encouragement so you have the courage to act on what you know is True
  • You create offers that are True and a delight to write and speak about
  • You True all the seemingly small details of your work that make it truly distinct
  • You create marketing that lets you speak your truth and share the Gift you are with the world
  • You build your story telling skills so your work, your real work, in the world comes alive
  • You make speaking your Truth in the world your M.O., your standard way of operating in the world

Here's the framework that will guide the work we do together:

  1. True Your Business Design Make the large and small decisions about what your business looks like – your offerings, your business model, your schedule, your pricing, your rhythm, and pacing – so that you adore working in it.
  2. True Your Message Get closer and closer to the beating heart of what you offer. Name the True Spirit of Your Work and then collaborate with that True Spirit to create on target offerings. Find the words that reveal the richest, sweetest aspects of what you bring to the world. Develop your Story and Sound Bites. Get good at describing the intangible or esoteric elements of your work in ways that people understand.
  3.  True Your Marketing Find your way of being in the world that makes sharing who you are and what you do as effortless as possible. Choose your platforms and your forms of expression. Show up messy and imperfect but full of life and heart. Discern the frequency of visibility that has you achieve your tangible goals. Shift from hating marketing to loving the chance to connect with and serve other good humans.
  4.  True Your Inner Storytelling Start to notice the helpful and unhelpful stories you tell about yourself, your work, and your people. Find gentle ways to expand into more generative and supportive stories that support your growth. Work with your nervous system to make those new stories more accessible.
Trueing isn't just idealistic, it's also wildly practical. It has the potential to change every aspect of your business to make it more of a profound delight.

What Happens When You True

The participants in my Trueing Adventures (and my private clients) have had breakthrough that look like:

  • moving fully into the Identity of being an Artist, offering regular well-attended public events to share her work and engage in powerful conversations with participants. Now pursuing public funding for one of her projects
  • learning that her natural rhythm of creativity rises and falls, and that it's not bad when she has slower or quieter weeks
  • letting go of the idea that he needs to be more structured, or disciplined, or organized in order to bring his creative projects to life
  • raising her rates in a gradual, gentle, person-by-person way with individual conversations over a period of weeks or months so it wasn't jarring to her clients or to her nervous system
  • shifting out of black and white thinking about "either I am fully engaged or I'm not showing up" so she could show up more in the ways she could when she could instead of beating herself up about not doing enough
  • prioritizing her need to rest and her love of dancing over launching a new program prematurely or overdelivering to clients
  • canceling a sold-out training when illness arose so she wouldn't be worrying, pushing, and stressing to catch up
  • saying no to a client who wanted to pay her full rate because she could feel it wasn't a fit for her
  • focusing on marketing one offer she designed to delight her
  • getting stronger feedback to her emails and posts that she ever had before
  • bringing more pieces of herself -- the drum playing, tarot reading or dream interpreting parts of her --  to the table so that what she offers is even more rich and unique
  • showing up as a confident Thought Leader, letting go of perfectionism, and easily enrolling a new group
  • bringing more of her wise, deep introspective self to organizational workshops and trainings
  • letting go of hating to write about her work to getting great feedback when she shares her opinions
  • recognizing that SHE is the gift, and that being in the room with her is a blessing, so she doesn't have to create complicated offerings or programs
  • creating marketing content in a half-hour or less most of the time so that being visible is less of a burden
  • trusting that what she writes and speaks is good, without needing my stamp of approval, so she can show up more often in the moment she feels inspired

When you commit to Trueing your life and your work, you might:

  • Stop judging and criticizing yourself for not measuring up to some outside standard of how you should be in your business
  • Reawaken to what you want your life and business to look like and make a simple strategy to move in that direction
  • Discover the small but powerful actions that move you forward without keeping you busy all the time
  • Learn more about your natural rhythms and innate way of engaging in the world
  • Stop offering the services you aren’t really in love with
  • Get unfrozen around marketing and start posting with more ease
  • Take a ton less time writing or creating your marketing content
  • Raise your rates
  • Start to feel the stirrings for new ways you can bring your work to the world
  • Have offers you love that you are excited to get out and promote

Support on the Journey - the Group Trueing Adventure

You can True on your own. You've already been intuitively on this path in your own way most of your life.

But Trueing on your own can be lonely, hard work.

Maybe it's time to gift yourself guidance and support and community, knowing you'll never be asked to go against what you know is your True (which isn't always the same as what is comfortable or easy).

The way forward can be faster and easier when you have a place to be seen and supported as you ask good questions, try new directions, and figure out your right way to go.

That's why I created the Group Trueing Adventure.

This is a place we come together to call forward the one in you who yearns to be seen and heard and known in this lifetime in your full glory, not muted or moderated or shrunk down to fit in.

This is a place to be supported in taking the True to you action, not just lots of action for the sake of action (in order to push back the fear that you are not doing enough).

A place to be witnessed in your emerging, and sometimes nuanced or complex truth. A place to be nurtured so you have more juice to show up in the world. More capacity.

This will not be a place where we worship busyness, or focus on outer accomplishment over inner well-being.

Being in this group will amplify your commitment and capacity to create your Wildly True life, which includes your Wildly True business. The central focus is going to be experiencing what changes when you show up in the world with more of YOU on board. We'll look at how profitable paths open up when you orient to what is True.

Trueing isn't a one and done thing.

It is a lifetime process.

Why? Because we are always changing and evolving and that means we will always be refining our expression in the world so that our work allows us to fulfill who we came here to be!

I recommend that you plan to be in the group for a year or more. Why? Because doing the steady and deep work of Trueing takes that long.

In a year in this container, you can take bold and brave steps in your Trueing journey that will make a palpable difference of your experience of showing up in the full force and power of your being.

And, because I know it takes a lot of courage to step into something new, you have the option of signing up for six months or a year to start.

Questions we'll be asking and exploring together in the group as you navigate the life you have and new projects you take on:

  • Am I being True to myself here, in this situation, or am I caving to outer or inner pressure to be something other than I am?
  • What is my real capacity and am I honoring that?
  • How much rest do I need to be at my best?
  • What parts of me am I holding back? What have I decided is too different or off beat to include that is actually part of my secret sauce?
  • Where am I softening or muting what I really want to say? What story do I have about why that holding back is necessary?
  • How do I recognize myself as the Gift that I am, just as I am, without having to work hard, do things right or otherwise PROVE that I deserve goodness?
  • What new story can I tell about who I am and the difference I make in the world?

    Who This is For

    This group is for smart, sensitive, complicated solo business owners who want to create a Wildly True business that is a delight to be in and that produces income commensurate with the value they create.

    For those who are burned out or pissed off from trying too hard to follow someone else's game plan of what their work should look like.

    For those of you who KNOW deep in your bones that anything other than True isn't going to feed your soul or help you create the practical results you desire.

    It's for those of you who are tired of worrying about saying what you do in just the right way, and who are ready to start showing up with more confidence that you are enough and that what you have to say is valuable.

    The group is NOT a good fit for those who:

    • are still hoping there is a blueprint or magic bullet to make their business grow without engaging the deeper soul work of knowing your True
    • who want this to be fast and easy and don't have much tolerance for a messy middle
    • want to be told what to do versus trusting and following their own knowing
    • are unsure they want to be visible (it's okay to be uneasy or ambivalent about it, but you need to have a desire to be more visible if this is going to work.)

    To be in this group, you need to have done True Spirit work with me either in one of my groups (Work on Words, Put the Mojo in Your Message, or Words on Fire) or privately.  If you have not done the True Spirit work with me, but want to join the group, you will need to register to do True Spirit work with me privately at the same time.

    Our group will be inclusive and supportive. If you are actively and consciously racist, homophobic, ageist, ableist, fat phobic, or transphobic, this is not the group for you.

    What Makes Trueing Different

    This is not your same old, same old business development. Trueing is:

    • Not just messaging and marketing but also business design and inner storytelling – combining life development, business strategy, messaging, and self care
    • Not just messaging and marketing but those things done through the lens of what is True for YOU
    • Taking you out of the question of “how to do it right” and into “how do you want to do it”
    • Mind/body/spirit combined with pragmatic, simple action
    • Creative approach to action that works well for neurodivergents and those with  limited capacity for any reason
    • Anti-capitalist, -industrialist, -colonialist, -supremacist approach
    • Whole-life affirming approach

    True Your Message as You True Your Business

    Many of you know me as the Message Whisperer, the person who can help you say what you do when what you do is deep, powerful, and hard to describe.

    I'm still all that.

    Messaging work is one of the most powerful ways that you True -- that you come into the Potent Expression that happens when you heal your soul and allow the fullness of who you are to be seen and heard.

    Your words are powerful when your message is True.

    So now, in addition to the fabulous messaging skills and tools I can offer you, I'll also be showing you more ways to zero in on what your Truest expression in the world can look like.

    And you'll still get the Message Whispering part of me.

    As part of your coaching, I'll suggest messaging next steps. Maybe it's time to develop your Story, or get new web pages up, or write some powerhouse emails to promote your next offer.

    Even better, as a participant in this training, you can send me that writing for personal review every week. I'll read through your material and give you the input and feedback to reflect you're showing up fully or if you might be holding back.

    This level of detailed, in-depth review of your public materials is a level of support that is available in very few other coaching groups.

    What the Trueing Adventure Includes

    • Six months of participation in the Group Trueing Adventure. Please note that Trueing your life is a multi-year process. While the group is six months, you should plan to stay engaged in Trueing work for a minimum of a year.
    • New members are welcomed in April and October. We will welcome our next cohort starting April 2023.
    • One hour group calls the first three weeks each month* for an hour for check ins and group coaching. You'll witness each other and get inspired to take the next action. (*July will have a slightly different schedule).
    • Private FB group with videos and worksheets to take you through the core Trueing curriculum, connect with your fellow adventurers, and ask questions and get coaching. (I know FB is problematic. But it is currently still working for me as a platform for this kind of group.)
    • Weekly check ins with me by email. Submit how it's going, check ins, and coaching questions to me by email Monday or Friday by noon ET.
    • Feedback on your Messaging and other written work! Submit by email by noon ET on Monday or Friday for same day review
    • Guidance on Coaching on all your pragmatic business challenges  -- refining your offers, setting your pricing, building your list – but we’ll be looking at building your confidence in YOUR answers to those questions, not mine, or the group's.
    • Cost is $3600 for six months. Or $600 a month billed monthly for six months.

    How to Join the Trueing Adventure

    1. Fill your name and email in the opt in box below. Questions will be mailed to you.
    2. Hit reply and answer the questions!
    3. I’ll review your answers and if we’re good, I’ll send the link to register or ask that we speak.
    4. Once I send the link, I’ll hold your spot for three days, but after that, I reserve the right to offer it to someone else. Last day to register for April 2023 is Monday, April 3.
    5. You will be added to our Facebook group no later than Tuesday, April 4. I’ll have orientation videos and worksheets to help you start the True-ing process.
    6. Your first call is scheduled for Thursday, April 6, at noon ET.

      Yay! I can't wait to get started with you.