Read here all about our Nine-month Group Trueing Adventure.

Starting in August.

  • The idea is to leverage the power of the group to amplify each person’s commitment and capacity to make their businesses a true and rich expression of who they are in the world.
  • While I expect marketing and money-making to be an essential part of the conversation, the central focus is going to be on what changes when you show up in the world in your full power.
  • A big emphasis in the group will be how you access your full power  through growing clarity about what your real work is, refinement of the articulation of that work, and more consistent expression of that work in real ways out in the world.
  • A question I’ll be asking you to hold throughout the group  is “am I being true to myself here, in this situation, or am I caving to outer or inner pressure to be something other than I am?
  • Other questions you will be asking yourself throughout the program are:

Where am I holding back from full expression?

And what story do I have about why that is necessary?

Can I tell a different story?

How do I facilitate MORE vibrant expression coming through me?

  • Our work together will be guided by a cool developmental framework I’ll share in an upcoming email.
  • Some of the things you’ll be “True-ing” over the course of the year are:

Trueing Your Work

Trueing Your Language

Trueing Your Offers

Trueing Your Visibility

Trueing Your Capacity

  • We’ll be expanding your commitment to share what you know with people that you love in a way that becomes more compelling to you than any self-consciousness or self-doubt that may live in you.
  • Rather than everyone getting “their” 15 minutes of coaching every call, we’ll be doing more group work and group coaching on each call so everyone can chime in and be heard, and everyone can learn and benefit from whomever gets coached. And folks will have a chance to ask coaching questions at any time in our Facebook group and get a speedy answer.
  • There may be some recorded content to go along with our calls.
  • I may make this first round 9 months instead of a full year.
  • I realize we are starting mid-summer which I actually really like as a way to ramp up and get focused before the busyness of the fall kicks in.

Coming soon, if you’d like to join, answer these questions first.