Innovative Business Owners:
Make Your Business
Your Deepest, Truest, Wildest Expression

Innovative Business Owners ~ Make Your Business
Your Deepest, Truest, Wildest Expression

You Have a Choice How You Show Up in the World

You can be unapologetically yourself. Or you can be a watered-down cardboard cutout that fits someone else's expectations.

You can write searing articles and posts debunking your prevailing industry myths or safe, tidy ones with three practical tips on how to make things just a teeny bit better.

You can be a passionate voice for quiet leadership or ethical leadership or sacred leadership. Or all three. Or you can present yourself as yet another coach who helps leaders be more effective.

You can lay out the steps of what you know and see will make breakthroughs possible for your clients, or you can meet them "where they are" and follow them where they lead you.

When you recognize who you are, what you know, and you get in the cells of your body the power of that, the old insecurities that derail you -- that you are too much, too weird, too out there, that people don't get you or value what you offer -- lose a lot of their power.

You  stop explaining and start getting visible. You take bigger risks. You step more firmly onto your path of service.

You heal your soul. You grow your business.

Let Me Help

You can spitball this or use trial and error to get closer to that core message.

Or I can save you time and wasted effort by guiding you into the depths of your lived experience and by using my gifts for precision and refinement to find language for your deepest, truest, wildest message and the innovative wisdom life has cultivated in you through those experiences.

And then we can put the raw energy of that message to pragmatic use as you write and speak about what you know, develop potent programs, and market your work to the world.

Let's Get Started

Book a personal Online Message Review to get my take on what is and isn't working in your current public expression.

Schedule a consultation with me to map out how I can get you anchored in your deepest, truest, wildest message and creating your life and work from there.

Who I Am

The True Spirit of my Life is

to invite those with open hearts

to know that they are magnificent,

to trust that they and the world will benefit from the expression of who they are,

to experience in the ongoing discovery of who they are as souls

a source of uprising energy  that provides the juice they need to navigate

the bumpiness of this sometimes beautiful, sometimes painful, world

and take courageous steps towards being seen, heard and  known in this lifetime.

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