Come Join Me for a Nine-month Trueing Adventure

When Your Work is On Target But Not Quite Right

You're smart, and sensitive, and complicated.

You've been in business long enough to know a few things about what makes a business work.

You're committed to doing your purposeful work, and darn it, you mostly ARE doing your purposeful work.

But sometimes it just feels off.

  • You're not working with as many clients as you want to really feel the impact of what you do in the world
  • You're stressed and anxious as much as you are happy and fulfilled with your work
  • When you think about being visible, and asking for work, you know, marketing, you lose that sense of being grounded in bringing something magnificent to the world
  • You know some things are off in your business but you aren't sure how to fix them. You are worried about pricing, or asking for longer commitments, or offering a longer program.

More than anything, you want to see your work thrive and flourish in the world.

You want to feel on purpose and on target.

You want the joy of doing the work in the world that only you do to be more consistent and present with you throughout your day

Why Does Being True Matter?

We live in a frickin’ weird world.

Being true to ourselves is the solid ground we can stand on.

It’s the home we come back to.

It’s the compass for how we move forward.

It’s what makes the things we accomplish truly fulfilling.

It’s what helps us to know our own magnificence.

The Power of Being Deeply True to Yourself in Your Work, Your Message, and Your Marketing

To get your business lined up, you don't need to do MORE.

What you do need is to make sure that everything you do is just a little more TRUE to who you are and what is here to come through you.

What you need to do is line things up so you show up in the world as your Deeper, Truer, Wilder Self. The one who commands respect and attention. The one who channels Primal Power. The one who vibrates with life and energy and power through your words, not because of the words, but because of the power of your presence.

When you are true to yourself, you access a reliable source of power that fuels you and propels you out into the world. Your business becomes a work of art, designed just for you to thrive and shine.

When your message is true, you know that you are unmistakable and irreplaceable. There's simply no competition. Just your commitment to get out in the world and share what you do.

When your marketing is true, then being visible isn't about push and sell. It's about giving your work the voice it deserves, the attention it deserves, so your goodness is available to more people.

When you are true, your business thrives because your people see, hear, feel and sense your integrity. People are drawn to you like a magnet, wanting what you give off. You thrive because you are no longer looking outside of yourself for business answers, but to the part of you that really knows what works for you, and what brings out your best.

When you step into Deeper, Truer, Wilder, you know your magnificence.

You begin to believe and act on the belief that the world and you benefit from the expression of who you are.

You access a source of energy that provides the juice you need to access the bumpiness of this sometimes beautiful, sometimes painful world, so you can take those courageous steps towards being seen, heard, and known in this lifetime.

How You'll Get There - the Nine-month Trueing Adventure

The first step is to recognize the power of Trueing. And then to commit to that path for a while.

That's why I am offering the Nine-month Trueing Adventure.

It’s a container where you challenge yourself to get true with yourself, with your message, and with all aspects of your work, guided by me and cheered on by your fellow participants. It’s a place to be supported being vibrantly visible, more consistently, in a way that works for you, so the power of your expression is felt in the world.

And reap the rewards of being seen, heard, and known as the shining light that you are.

The Nine-month Trueing Adventure welcomes you as you are: vulnerable, messy, imperfect.

This is a place we come together to call forward the one in you who yearns to be seen and heard and known in this lifetime.

This is a place to take focused, powerful action, not just lots and lots of action. And to nurture yourself so you have more juice to show up in the world.

This will not be a place where we worship busyness, or focus on accomplishment over well-being.

  • The idea is to leverage the power of the group to amplify each person’s commitment and capacity to make their businesses a true and rich expression of who they are in the world.
  • While I expect marketing and money-making to be an essential part of the conversation, the central focus is going to be on what changes when you show up in the world in your full power.
  • A big emphasis in the group will be how you access your full power through growing clarity about what your real work is, refinement of the articulation of that work, and more consistent expression of that work in real ways out in the world.
  • A question I’ll be asking you to hold throughout the group is “am I being true to myself here, in this situation, or am I caving to outer or inner pressure to be something other than I am?
  • Other questions you will be asking yourself throughout the program are:
    • Where am I holding back from full expression?
    • What story do I have about why that is necessary?
    • Can I tell a different story?
    • How do I facilitate MORE vibrant expression coming through me?

The Map for Deeper, Truer, Wilder: The Art of Showing Up in the World in Your Full Glory

Here's the framework that will guide the work we do over nine months:

  1. True Your Work so You Are Pointed in the Right Direction
    1. More Deeply Claim the Spiritual Truth about Why You Are Here and Orient Around That
    2. Work Through the Things that Keep You from Showing Up in the Full Force and Power of Your Being
    3. Create a Business Model that Makes the Most of Your Brilliance and Makes You Happy
  2. True Your Language so You Channel Primal Power
    1. Refine and Deepen the Story of what Your Work Does in the World
    2. Create a Coherent Public Presence that Transmits Why Your Work Matters
    3. Amp Your Expression with Sound Bites that Showcase Your Insight
  3. True Your Expression so You Can Be Vibrantly Visible
    1. Generate Rich Content Consistently
    2. Find Your Ethical Way to Promote and Sell
    3. Stay True to Yourself in Spite of the Noise of the World

How the Trueing Adventure Works

You’ll check in weekly in the FB group, and be able to ask coaching questions there and get detailed written input from me.

We'll meet twice a month for an interactive, participatory group call to witness each other and get inspired to take the next action.

You'll get my eyes on your work so you have confirmation that you are staying true.

You absolutely can bring pragmatic business challenges to the table -- refining your offers, setting your pricing, building your list – but we’ll be looking at them not just through the lens of pragmatic action, but through the lens of being true to yourself.

And through the lens of YOU expanding your capacity to know and name what is true for you, and to move confidently forward trusting your own guidance. (We’ll work to banish habits of saying “I don’t know” or “I don’t know how”.)

This group is a good fit for someone who feels on point with their direction and message but wants sustained support over an extended period of time to show up more fully and consistently. You’ll keep refining your expression to make it as alive and true as possible. And to experience the power that comes from that. To work towards generating concrete results in your work that make you feel like you are truly living your Purpose, your True Spirit.

This program is for those of you who:

  • Have done core message work with me privately or in one of my Mojo/Words on Fire groups
  • Feel pretty on target with your True Spirit and True Wisdom, you feel like you are going in the right direction
  • Are ready to move into a Deeper Story or to share your Story with more clarity and power than you have before
  • And who want to develop that more Coherent Public Presence and more consistent and sustainable Visibility in the next nine months

The group is NOT a good fit for someone who needs to redesign their work and message from the ground up (I'd recommend private message work for that). The group is not a good fit for someone who is unsure they want to be visible (it's okay to be uneasy or ambivalent about it, but you need to have a desire to be more visible if this is going to work.)

What the Trueing Adventure Includes

Here are the program basics:

  • We’ll meet all together twice a month August 2021 through April 2022. We’ll meet generally on the first and third Thursdays of the month at noon ET though in August we’ll be doing second and fourth) for an hour and a half. We will have time off for the end of the year holidays. Our groups calls will be interactive, participatory conversations where you get seen and heard and witnessed in a way that inspires you to take your next step. All calls will be recorded and archived.
    • August 12 and 26
    • September 2 and 16
    • October 7 and 21
    • November 4 and 18
    • December 2 and 16
    • January 6 and 20
    • February 3 and 17
    • March 3 and 17
    • April 7 and 21
  • We’ll have a Facebook group that we’ll use to engage, be seen, ask for support, and create community.
  • You'll check in weekly -- tell us all how you're doing, what's happening, and asking the coaching questions that help you move forward.
  • You'll have access to weekly review of any written materials that are part of you stepping out in the world.
  • You'll have short videos explaining key concepts and worksheets so we have some common focus and vocabulary for our work together.

  • Group is a max of eight people.
  • Cost is $400 a month billed monthly for nine months.

How to Join the Trueing Adventure

  1. Copy the questions below and send me your answers. (Or put your name and email in the opt in box and they'll be emailed to you).
  2. I’ll review your answers and let you know if I have any questions. If we’re good, I’ll send the link to register. I’ll hold your spot for three days, but after that, I reserve the right to offer it to someone else. Last day to register is Friday, July 30.
  3. I’ll have orientation videos and worksheets to help you start the True-ing process before our first call together in August.
  4. Our first call is scheduled for Thursday, August 12, at noon ET. Come prepared to share and participate in our group discussion.
  5. I’ll be officially opening our Facebook space for introductions and check-ins on Monday, August 9.

The Questions

  1. Why do you want to be part of this group?
  2. What makes me the right coach for you now?
  3. How much can you devote weekly to this process in the coming nine months?
  4. What, if anything, might pull you away from this work?
  5. What is your biggest obstacle to being true to yourself, to your work, and to your message?
  6. What coaching do you most need from me to support you in being more true to yourself and your work?
  7. What are the signs you are disengaging or drifting away from this work?
  8. What’s the best coaching I can give you if you are drifting away from this work?
  9. How on point are your current True Spirit and True Wisdom?
  10. Anything else that you want me to know?

Yay! I can't wait to get started with you.