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It’s Time for a Tune Up!

If it’s been a year or more since we worked on your True Spirit, it’s time for a Tune Up!


Because you are an ever evolving masterpiece, and while the True Spirit, done right, stays good for a long time, it’s good to make sure that it’s still as potent and alive as it can be. Plus, even if your True Spirit is still bang on, it’s good to check in and see what’s true NOW about how you want to express that True Spirit in the world.

What Happens?

The True Spirit Tune Up is a single session, one-on-one, 45 minutes to an hour, where we take a look at your True Spirit, and more.

  • First, we look at your True Spirit together. Either we’ll agree that it still rocks OR we’ll quite quickly update it together so it gives you that whole-hearted YES that we want. So, if your True Spirit needs updating, it will be updated before you leave the call. Yay!
  • So far, I’ve had about 25% radical rewrites, 25% small tweaks, and 50% it still rocks.
  • If we decide your True Spirit is still dialed in, we’ll look at your True Wisdom, what your life has taught you makes the experience of your True Spirit possible. We may or may not complete a new True Wisdom, but we’ll get started with it, and leave you with an assignment to finish it.
  • And if your True Wisdom is still good, then we can talk about your Basic Story.
  • And before we end, we’ll talk about what’s next for you. What you want to do in the world, and what new and improved language you might need to take that work out in the world and make a plan for you to get that together.
  • If appropriate, we can talk about doing more work together to get that language together.

How Much?

The True Spirit Tune Up is $250.

How Often?

I recommend you consider having a True Spirit Tune Up every year. Could be fun to do in November, or December, or January or February, but really any time of year you are ready to look at the big picture of your work would work.


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