Walk Through the Fire of Showing Up in the World as Your Unapologetic Self

It Takes Courage to Show Up Consistently in the Exuberant Energy of “I’m Here. This is Who I am and This is What I Offer” In Order to Create Yourself and Your Work and Your Business

When you choose to show up in the world in your elemental, primal expression, sharing what the firewalks of your life have taught you, you no longer have to “explain” what you do to people or persuade them to buy from you. People receive your frequency and you become magnetic to the people who can handle what you have to share.

When you show up this way, you continuously find the next frontier of your work, your edge of expression, your next evolution.


Photo by Dr Makete

Who Are You Here to Be?

You have clear ideas about how the world can be better, how people can be better, how we can be kinder or wilder or more true to ourselves.

But when you are bringing original work, an original voice, out in the world there aren’t a lot of places you can go to get ongoing support and guidance that matches your brilliance, your creativity, and your intention to sell and market with integrity.

You want to find YOUR sane and sustainable way to work, and to bring your work out in the world. So you can earn the money you desire, and experience the fulfillment of doing the work you love.

You know you’d probably take more action, take more risks, stretch further if you had more structure, more feedback, just-in-time course correction, and some light accountability to help you follow through with your ideas.Whether you are building a business for the first time, evolving your current work into a stronger, more true-to-you form, or building a new business alongside an existing practice, the Firewalk Mentoring Groups can help.

Exclusively for Words on Fire Grads and past Private Clients*

Your Transformative Message work with me — in Words on Fire (or Mojo or Work on Words), or privately — gave you your True Spirit, your True Wisdom, your Book of Language.

Now it’s time to take those words and launch them into the world.

To generate tangible results from making this offer to other humans.

We’ll answer questions and look at challenges around building an aligned, authentic business:

  • activating your Potent Expression: being on purpose and on message
  • developing a Sane and Sustainable Strategy for your business, so you aren’t wearing yourself out
  • executing Straight-forward Marketing, finding your way to be bold without any hype-y shenanigans
  • showing up in the world with Sufficient Visibility, so that you have enough exposure to produce the results you want
  • and discerning your Innate Process, your natural way of functioning that allows you to be at your best

This is the graduate level of work with me. A time and place to internalized, integrate, and practice all the things we talked about in our previous work and all the new things that emerge as you step out into the world. To grow yourself as a savvy and wise business owner who can both honor her own Innate Process and step out and generate income.

(If you have NOT done Ture Spirit/True Wisdom work with me yet but want to join a Firewalk Group, you can do so if you simultaneously sign up to do that work with me privately when you join.)

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What Results Client Get

Progress and breakthroughs look a little different for each participant. In our last cycle:

  • One participant gave a breakthrough, well-received presentation at a conference that marked a turning point for her in showing up as the master level expert that she is without the usual layers of “knowledgeable professionalism” that can hide her realness and vulnerability. She’s also worked on taking small and steady steps to grow her business while the demands of her personal life are high.
  • Another participant broke out of years of hesitation and start/stopping and self-shaming bringing her work out to a larger audience and began transmitting powerfully and  STRATEGICALLY through social media with a consistency she’s never had before in order to build what we call “fertile soil” for her offers down the road.
  • Another participant chose to step out of the overwhelm of ideas she had about what she could do, and picked one, just one, to bring out in the world. She enrolled and ran a group this summer and truly found her voice and her fire sharing about her work.
  • Another participant ended a collaborative project that was taking time and going in circles and shed years of conditioning about she was taught to market and talk about her work and began to write and speak in a clearer, truer-to-her voice.
  • Another participant experimented with better ways to organize and manage her time so she felt less overwhelmed, had time with family, could better serve her current clients, and had space to listen to her inner voice around where she wants to expand her work.

Your work in the Firewalk Mentoring Group can include:

  • Getting clear whether you should offer a private coaching program or a group coaching program
  • Modifying your business to adapt to new care taking responsibilities or new health challenges
  • Sorting through all the marketing shoulds you’ve been taught and deciding which make sense and which you’ll ignore
  • Identifying and shifting old, sad, stories about being too much, or not good enough, or too weird that limit your expression
  • Testing new content or new offers on a small scale before going big
  • Evolving your message by writing more blog posts or more emails to your list
  • Challenging yourself to make everything you write and share more powerful, more compelling, and more exciting
  • Getting off the pot and writing the web pages, flyers, brochures, or emails needed to put the above into motion
  • Making offers that make you more money
  • Or something not listed here

You can read Kathy’s story here: https://isabelparlett.com/stories-breaking-into-the-energy-of-im-here-this-is-what-i-do-its-amazing-you-should-buy-it-from-me/

You can read Aine’s story here: https://isabelparlett.com/stories-aine-and-the-relief-of-letting-go-of-what-it-is-supposed-to-look-like/.

You’ll Love This If:

  • You loved our initial Message work
  • You miss getting that kind of detailed and specific input from me
  • You are ready to step up and be seen and known in this lifetime for who you are, not who you think you should be
  • You’ve been around and tried a variety of coaching and business approaches and know what does and doesn’t work for you
  • You want a more steady, loving, relational way to grow your business
  • You want to feel less alone in your efforts
  • You want to find and create your own templates for business
  • You want a coach who makes room for your LIFE as well as your business

You’ll Hate This If:

  • You’re still buying the promises of coaches who promise fast business growth, super fast sales, access to high-end clients, and so on (it’s not only that they may or may not deliver, it’s that generally to get that outcome you’ll have to follow their recommendations of more transactional marketing.)
  • You want to be part of a large community of business owners
  • You want to follow someone’s blueprint, not develop your own
  • You have a hard time hearing other business owners struggle, process, or otherwise be in their messy, human selves

How The Group Works:

  • Small group of no more than four participants — Mojo/WOW/WOF graduates or former private clients only.
  • Group officially starts on the first day of the first month with a Strategy questionnaire. We hold the space and the energy for each other to stay in motion through the final day of the third month.
  • We meet for a live call twice a month for three months.
  • Every Monday, you’ll be invited to check in with your True Priority (a great discernment practice) and every Friday, you’ll be invited to practice Experiential Digestion and review what you learned from the past week.
  • Before each call, you’ll fill out a prep form.
  • No set curriculum. Coaching and teaching develops out of your specific needs.
  • Each call will begin with check-ins. I’ll review the key themes of the quarter, and then we’ll do individual coaching. You’ll leave each call will with a specific assignment to work on before the next meeting – usually one customized to your needs and desired progress. There will be opportunities to share your wisdom with other members of the group.
  • Length of call may vary depending on the size of the group. An hour and 15 min to an hour and a half.

The Group Includes:

  • Six group calls over three months. We’ll meet on Zoom, you can join via your computer or a phone line. Joining online is ideal if you have the bandwidth.
  • We are experimenting this cycle with having a bonus completion call at the end of the month.
  • Initial private session to establish your Strategy for the coming session, to be scheduled before or within the first two weeks of our session
  • Written review of submitted work (items for review can include written pieces to be used in your business OR exploration/brain dump around where you are and what’s on your mind) twice a week, on Monday and Friday. As you know, this feedback and exchange can be as valuable as our call time. Work is best submitted by uploading a file to the FB group, though you may email me privately if you have concerns about privacy or proprietary information.
  • Audio recordings of all our group calls (and a link to the video capture if you prefer)
  • Private Facebook group for you to interact with, support, and share ideas with each other.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Get clear what you want and how much time and energy you can invest to get it.
  • Allow yourself to feel resistance, confusion, or anything else that comes up, without disappearing or disengaging
  • Be open and vulnerable about your experience
  • Take risks and invite intentional discomfort so you can grow
  • Ask for what you want and need from me and the group
  • Ask questions or push back if I suggest anything that feels uncomfortable or not right for you
  • Experiment with new strategies and approaches without needing them to be the “right” thing, or the answer, or a quick fix, knowing that we are always works in progress
  • Be compassionate with yourself no matter what results you produce
  • Be supportive of every member of the group whether you like them personally or not
  • Participate in the group between calls at exactly the level you desire

My Responsibilities:

  • To bring the group together
  • To organize and manage our time together over the three months, each week, and within the call
  • To weave together the group questions and themes that we can all work with
  • To invite reflection that supports Catalytic Recognition
  • To see you and hear you and affirm who you are
  • To remind you of the value you and your work bring to the world
  • To use my skills to help name or frame what you’re wanting to express
  • To share the best of what I know works from my 25 years in business
  • To feel into the common themes and needs of the group
  • To craft teaching and assignments based on what I see is needed
  • To review your work twice a week on Monday and Friday
  • To support and encourage your full and vibrant expression in the world and your money making from that expression


  • You have a choice of two groups.
  • Group starts on the first day of the month with a strategy questionnaire and we hold the energy of the group through the last day of the third month.
  • Tuesday Group: Tuesdays at 1pm ET TWO SPACES AVAILABLE
  • Call Schedule:
    • October 6, 20
    • November 3, 17
    • December 1, 15
    • Bonus completion call: September 29
  • Thursday Group: Thursdays at 1pm ET TWO SPACES AVAILABLE
  • Call Schedule:
    • October 8. 22
    • November 5, 19
    • December 3, 17
  • Next cycle will be First Quarter 2021: Jan/Feb/Mar.


  • $325 a month for three months, billed automatically
  • Your registration will confirm your spot
  • Please register by Friday, October 2 (September 30 preferred).

Please note that I enforce strict no hate, no oppression policies in my groups.

You are welcome in my groups. But any expression of hate towards people of different colors, faiths, gender expression or identity, or sexual orientation are not.


Eating fire

is your ambition:

to swallow the flame down

take it into your mouth

and shoot it forth, a short or an incandescent

tongue, a word

exploding from you in gold, crimson

unrolling in a brilliant scroll

To be lit up from within

vein by vein

To be the sun

~Margaret Atwood