How to Quiet the Voices in Your Head that Keep You Spinning Your Wheels

This is Lesson One in a series of six posts that preview just some of the content we’ll be working on in the Put the Mojo in Your Message training.

You know how it is.

It’s Monday morning and you’re staring at your computer thinking:

Well, what should I be doing today?
What should I be offering?
Who should I be offering it to?
What can I write on my blog that will get me more clients?
What program can I offer that will be easy to sell?

And even if you do buckle down to get some work done, then the voices say:

Is this the right offer?
Is it called the right thing?
Am I marketing it the right way?
When is this going to get easier?

And if you’re smart and complicated, then you probably have even more questions.

The problem is that many business owners, maybe you, are not yet crystal clear why they are here. You kinda, sorta, maybe know why you are here.

But you can’t quite put it into words.

You struggle to commit, in writing, to the exact story you are here to tell.

And really, when you think about it, why shouldn’t you? It isn’t a simple or obvious skill to look at the richness and complexity of your life and find the simple, clear common thread that ties all the pieces together.

And from that lack of clarity spins many more kinds of confusion, until the uncertainty is almost overwhelming and you can’t sit down and write or pick up the phone because the chances are just too great that you might be off track. Because it’s too much work to start building what you want to say from scratch.

Without that unshakeable knowing of what is meant to come through you, and language to describe it, you don’t have a way to dramatically narrow down the options so it’s much more obvious what you need to be putting out into the world to make your money.

Sure, there are some folks in the world who don’t need that kind of clarity at the center of their business. Who can pick an audience and figure out what to offer them, and then make the big bucks offering it.

But if you’re reading this, you’re probably not one of them.

To be energized and motivated, you need to know that you’re doing your right work. That you’re on purpose and on message. You need to feel like you’re bringing something original to the table, something of real value.

So, where do you start?

You start by getting really clear what the message is that is meant to come through you. Not what “a” message is that you could share, but the message that is yours to share.

Because when you know that, all the other pieces of what you need to do start to fall into place:
• All your bits and pieces, your training, your knowledge, your skills, your passions start to come together in a way that makes sense.
• You start to find simple words to tell others what you can do for them.
• You see the outline of the basic story you need to tell whenever you have a platform to share what you do.
• The programs or products or services that makes sense for you to offer flow naturally out of your understanding.

Doesn’t that feel better?

When these basics have been answered, you have buckets more energy to handle the details and move your projects forward. While knowing why you’re here doesn’t answer every single question about what to do in your business, it does make it a lot quieter in there.

Putting that core message together, creating that clarity at the center of your business by sorting through your life stories is what we spend the first three weeks of the Put the Mojo in Your Message training doing. And when we do it, it sticks. I regularly have clients coming back to me five, six, seven years after we did this process to tell me the True Spirit we created still rings true.

An Action You Can Take Right Now

But today, before you get to work finding that message, I want you to do something else first, which is to forgive yourself for having struggled to figure this out up until now.

What I’ve found in talking to people all over the world, people in all kinds of businesses, is that so many of them tell me how frustrated they are, how confused they are, and how angry they are with themselves that they have not been able to find just the right words to communicate their value with the world.

What I know is that when we are unkind to ourselves, or when we are totally caught up in that frustration about how to communicate, it actually slows down the process of finding the words that we need to bring in to the world.

You may be taking marketing classes and learning that traditional way to communicate what you offer in business. And then when it doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t work for your particular business, you may be feeling like something is wrong with you. Or you may even be saying to yourself “Maybe the universe doesn’t want me to bring this work forward,” because then it wouldn’t be so hard. Or “Maybe if I can’t communicate this, I’m really not meant to do this work.”

And to help you forgive yourself, I want to offer a little prayer based on the Ho O Pono Pono Prayer practice. It’s a prayer to the part of yourself that struggles with message.

If you want to join in with me, put your hands on your heart, and say the following out loud:

I send the energy of love to the part of me that struggles to give voice to my message.

I send the energy of love to the part of me that tosses and turns in the night wondering if I have anything to offer the world; to the part of me that is afraid that even if I feel that there is so much richness and vastness and beauty inside of myself that wonders, and that worries, if anyone else will ever see it, or ever recognize it.

I send the energy of love to the part of myself that struggles and stumbles, and falters, and fumbles on the path to finding words to try to describe what it is I’m here to do.

I send the energy of love to the part of myself that just cringes in horror when I say something to a prospective client and they look like a deer in the headlights. And I just know I haven’t connected.

I send the energy of love to all the memories past, present, and future of all the times I’ve struggled to find words; of all the times I’ve used words that didn’t reflect my deepest message; of all the times that I used words that sounded like somebody else, but didn’t really reflect who I was.

And I send the energy of love to all the parts of myself that have felt sorrow, have felt pain, have felt shame, and have felt doubt in this process.

I’m so sorry; I’m so sorry for any way I have blamed you, or found fault in you for not doing this at some level beyond what I already knew how to do.

I am so sorry for any way I added to the pain through self criticism and self judgment.

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention for healing and transformation.

Maybe you can breathe a little easier now.

Be kind, and it will be easier to remember why you’re really here.