Principle #1: When you show up in your full power, everything changes

Over the coming weeks, I am going to be sharing a set of principles I work from when I work with my clients on showing up in their full power and glory, when they write, when they speak, and when they say nothing at all.

Principle #1: Your access to power is proportional to how true you are to yourself, to the work that wants to come through you, and to the people you are called to serve.

I know Power can be a loaded word.

But ultimately, I think most of us do want Power. That ability to show up in the world in our full Mojo, in the full force and power of our being, and to be able to direct that energy to support and heal and transform other humans.

So much of what we invest in in our businesses are things we think will give us more power. Branding. New photos. Marketing  guidance. Business coaching.

Whenever I want something, I am always interested in the biggest, broadest change I can make that ripples out to everything else.

To focus on the things that when we change, change everything.

So what is the Source of your Power?

What is it that allows the fullness, the depth, the richness, the complexity of who you are to come out in the world?

It’s the quality of your Presence, your Energy. The Potency of how you show up when you show up.

That will always, always, always be a more lasting, sustainable source of Power than manipulative marketing tricks, exaggerated claims, or the leveraging your likeability or authority.

When you show up in the world in ALL your glory, no parts of you left behind, like a channel for the energy and presence you are to flow through, that’s when you have impact.

That’s when people not only HEAR you, they FEEL you.

Your expression in the world lands. It moves. It makes a difference.

Listen, we live in a noisy world.

There is NO shortage of folks writing and speaking and putting out what they know.

We have blog posts, and social media, and podcasts, and YouTube videos. We have NO shortage of platforms from which we can express our unique access to Universal Wisdom.

So there is NO shortage of places you can express yourself.

Where we get sideways is when we muffle and mute ourselves. When we steer a few degrees sideways because some part of our brain decided that was more likeable, acceptable, or marketable.

And the moment we go sideways, the full force and power of our being dims. If half our energy is going sideways, there is a lot less available to go out into the world. Our light and intensity  starts to dim. We start to sound more and more like everyone else.

There is an art to finding your voice, to developing its expression.

But it’s the thing if you invest in, will pay off in the Power and impact of EVERYTHING else you do.

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