Principle #9: Working on Your Message is a Lifetime Process

Principle #9. Trueing your work is a lifetime process.

Does some part of you wish that you could just nail your message and be done with it?

I’m not sure that’s useful or realistic.

Trueing your work is a lifetime process.

As long as you are living and learning and growing and evolving, guess what? Your message will too.

What you can say today with your whole heart and being will probably remain true and vital.

But what you’ll be able to say two or three or five years from now may be more rich and complex.

I don’t think your message fundamentally changes. But you continue to evolve the heart of what you are here to say.

What’s nice about this attitude to your message is that it keeps you humble.

It keeps you curious and looking.

Your message is a living, dynamic thing. Something you have a responsive and intimate relationship with.

Just as your friendships don’t lock in and stay static, nor does your message.

Somewhere along the line, there may be a moment where the life starts to dip out of what you are saying. Where it becomes not quite enough, or not quite dialed in right.

And then the cycle begins again.

What is true? What is not true? Where is the aliveness?

Some of my clients live for a while in that space between what they can say today, and what they feel and sense is coming down the pike.

I don’t think we can rush or force the next evolution of our message.

But we can get help looking at the pieces, playing with the language, and considering what rings true.

That’s what I do. I have clients who have worked with me eight years, ten years, twelve years. When they cycle back, we pick up the conversation. We figure out what wants to be said without losing touch with everything they’ve articulated before.

Your message evolves through exposure to the real world. Through you living. Through you showing up and sharing. Through you having conversations with your clients. Through seeing what resonates with them, what most helps them shift.

It’s an ongoing dance. You are rooted in yourself and what you know.

And every experience you have shapes you further and adds to what you know.

And over time, a new version of your expression comes forward.

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