Resolutions for People with a Message to Share

As some of you may know, I am not a big fan of traditional New Year’s resolutions. Traditional resolutions tend to fail quickly, and usually aren’t expressions of the deep reflection and soul-searching needed to instigate change. And, I love this time of year and the stimulus it provides to recommit to what matters most.

Here, then, are five resolutions that call you to step up into the magnificence of using your words and your work as a powerful force for good in the world.

I, ____ (your name here), do hereby resolve to:

1. Nurture my faith that the world has an urgent need to hear what I am called to say, and to act in alignment with that belief even when loud voices say I should follow the crowd.

2. Seize every opportunity to share my deepest message – my most passionate, deeply cherished insights and beliefs – each time I write and talk about my work.

3. Risk being vulnerable by revealing myself when I write and speak about my work– knowing that the thing I am most afraid to say is probably the very thing my audience would find most compelling.

4. Accept and enjoy the work of creating the market for my services, rather than assuming that people will automatically know what I am offering and why it’s important.

5. Step out willingly to share my message and story, realizing that the goal is not to communicate perfectly but to create the opportunities to share my message with increasingly larger audiences who are yearning to hear what I have to share.

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