Once you have done your foundational Gateway work with me (privately or in small group), I am available to help you continue to develop your public language, develop your sane and aligned business strategy, and evolve your body of work.

Here are some of the ways we can do that:

Additional Foundation Work

If you have not done Path work, Story work, or Lexicon work, we can put these important additional foundations in place.

  • Your Path – $1200

The blessing and challenge of designing work around what you want to express is that it can look like anything. This work helps clear out the clutter of the million possibilities of where you could go with your work so you can focus on the projects (including Revenue Projects) that will be the best use of your precious time and energy.

  • Your Life Purpose According to Your Hands
  • Your Magic Wand/Blue Sky Vision of your Work
  • Current Design Constraints and Project Selection
  • Thrilled Beyond Belief Clients and Marketing Channels


  • Your Story –$1200

In marketing, we are telling the same story, over and over, in different places, at different levels of detail. Knowing the arc and flow of that story helps you deepen your energetic ownership of what you are here to do and greatly simplifies the process of writing copy when and as needed.

  • Bridging – Connecting Your Audience’s Desires to What You Offer
  • Elevator Speech and Tag Line
  • Your Basic Story – Finding the Flow of Ideas to Express What You Offer and Why It Matters
  • Creating Copy – Putting your Story into a Format Your Audience Can Digest (one primary piece of copy is included for this. For example, your home page web copy)


Four sessions of 45 minutes to an hour. More time will be added if needed to complete these pieces. You will be doing substantial writing between sessions.

  • Your Lexicon – $1200

The more fully you develop the language needed to present your view of the world, the more you make of the opportunities for connection that come your way. The more ease you have with speaking your key concepts, the more deeply you own and embody the message that wants to come through you.

  • Personal Definitions
  • Misconceptions
  • New Connections
  • Distinctions
  • Why Now

Four sessions of 45 minutes to an hour. More time will be added if needed to complete these pieces. You will provide hand prints (using a kit I send you) before the first session, and do some prep work before the fourth session.

Language Out in the World Work

Using your foundational language, we can develop or update any practical piece of writing that supports you in taking your work out in the world. Sessions can also be used to develop business strategy, or explore the evolution of your message.

  • Single Session – $350 per session. You’ll be surprised how much we can get done in a single session. Send me material to review in advance, and we’ll jump in deep when you call.
  • Recurring Sessions – $325 a month billed monthly for six months. To have ongoing support with your language as navigate real life challenges, choose this option.
  • Custom Package – If you want to do an intensive burst of three or more sessions to accomplish a specific goal (web site revision, content creation), we can custom design a package of sessions to meet your needs. $300 per session.

Group Support

  • Firewalk Mentoring Group

A small group of three to five “graduates” comes together twice a month for three months to work on developing their sane, aligned, firebrand businesses. $275 a month. Groups start in February, May, and September.

Learn more here: Firewalk Mentoring Group

  • Magnify Your Message Action Circle

A larger group (15 or more) support system where we practice “rituals of reflection” and set weekly intentions. Includes group calls, Quarterly Challenges, and Quarterly Reviews. $475 per quarter, or $1700 for the year.

Learn more here: Magnify Your Message Action Circle