Strategy Can Be Sexy!

Strategy is all about putting some thought into HOW you will use the resources at your disposal to create what you most desire.

Many business owners operate without any real strategy, and are disappointed with their results.

Other business owners try to use a cookie cutter “blueprint” for their business that doesn’t take their unique desires and resources into consideration, and then wonder WHY the strategy is hard to execute or doesn’t produce the desired results.

Ultimately, you want to become our own Business Strategist. To practice the skills that allow you to create a smart strategy, and then course correct as needed.

But that requires TIME set aside from the busyness of your life to work on the Strategy.

And GUIDANCE so that you put your Strategy together in a way that works.

That’s the Strategy Focus Day!

Our next Strategy Focus Day will be Friday, January 17 from 1-5pm ET.

Come join me for four hours to create a strong, sensible, designed-just-for-you Strategy for your Business this Quarter!

This event combines creating a strong time container for you to focus on creating a clear and effective Strategy for the Quarter with guidance on how to put your Strategy together with the chance for coaching on your personal situation.

In the past, this event has only been available to members of the Action Circle, but this year, I am opening it up to folks who would like to join us on an a la carte basis.

What You’ll Get

By participating in the Strategy Focus Day, you’ll:

  • set aside four hours you might not set aside on your own to work on your Business Strategy
  • get guidance from an experienced coach (me!) who gets your funky, maverick, out of the box style
  • practice the skills you’ll use for the lifetime of your business to figure out your Strategy – like tuning in to your desire, assessing your resources, getting specific about what you’ll do, and locking it in around time and money
  • gain more confidence in your business choices – like which program to offer, or what marketing platform makes sense
  • have a chance to get coached by me on your Strategy
  • walk away with a clear, actionable plan to develop your business so you improve the odds to get what you most desire

Who It’s For

  • Brilliant, creative, soul-centered business owners who don’t do well with blueprints or following the rules
  • Folks who want to feel confident charting the course for their own business instead of relying on a guru coach
  • People who like smart, efficient, simple, get-the-job-done ways of developing their businesses

Who It’s Not For

  • Business owners who want their strategy done for them
  • Folks who still feel like they have to do it the way the dominant business culture tells us it should be done
  • People who don’t trust themselves to make good choices

What Will Happen

The event will take place on Zoom. You will get the Zoom link (or optional dial in numbers) when you register.

Your instructions for your prep work – Know Your Desires – will be sent via email once you are registered.

  • Session One
    • 1-1:20pm ET (noon CT, 11am MT, 10am PT) What Are Your Resources?
    • 1:20-2pm ET Work on your own
  • Session Two
    • 2-2:20pm ET (1pm CT, noon MT, 11am PT) Getting Specific. Drill Down on HOW you’ll pursue what you want
    • 2:20-3:00pm ET Work on your own
  • Session Three
    • 3:00-3:45pm ET (2pm CT, 1pm MT, noon PT) Coaching! Or More Work on Your Own (I will coach live with anyone who has questions or challenges around their Business Strategy. If you don’t want coaching or don’t want to listen to coaching, you can use this hour to do more work on your own.
  • Session Four
    • 4:00-4:15pm ET (3pm CT, 2pm MT, 1pm PT) Structure, Time, and Money
    • 4:15-4:45 Work On Your Own
    • 4:45-5pm ET Closing

Pay What You Are Inspired

Because I want this program of support to be available to people just starting or in transition in their businesses, who may or may not have a steady cash flow, I am offering this on a “Pay What You Are Inspired” basis. I’ll give you some guidance below to help you choose what to pay.

I love leading this event, and it does require a good amount of my time and presence and admin support to make it happen. I’d love for our exchange to be balanced and to support us both in having this experience together.

First, I encourage you to take a moment and decide if being part of the Strategy Focus Day is an experience you want to have. If so, then come on board!

Next, take a breath and take a moment to decide what feels like a balanced payment to make in exchange for what will receive as a member of this event.

Payment Guidelines

  1. The suggested payment for the Strategy Focus Day is $90. This is the price that makes offering this sustainable for me.
  2. A generous, supportive payment for the Action Circle is $105. Contributions above $90 add to my profitability offering this service and are greatly appreciated. This also makes it possible for those with less means to participate at a lower rate.
  3. The requested minimum payment is $45. This helps to cover my admin costs and some but not all of my time for leading this program. If contributing at this level would prevent you from paying for food or shelter or medical care, or you are on a limited fixed income with little to no room for extras, you may pay less. And I do retain the right to say no to any offer I deem too low for the exchange.
  4. As you can imagine, pricing for similar events is all over the map.

If you aren’t sure what to contribute or have a question, email me at isabel at isabel parlett dot com and tell me how you want to participate and I’ll respond!

Instructions for Entering Your Payment IMPORTANT

When you go to the shopping cart, the program will be priced at $1. You will select your payment by adjusting the QUANTITY of the item to the dollar amount you wish to pay.

So, if you are planning to make the suggested payment of $90 for the event, you would set the quantity to 90. If you are planning to pay the requested minimum of $45, you would set the quantity to 45.

I look forward to having you on board for this adventure of reflection and creation!

If you are in the Action Circle for the First Quarter 2020, the cost is already included in your membership, so don’t register here, just look in our FB group for how to join.

Register by clicking the button below:

I'm Joining You