Is Your Identity Big Enough for What Wants to Come Through You?

We show up in the world as a function of who we believe ourselves to be.

When we hold ourselves as someone “just dabbling” or “checking things out” in our businesses, that transmits. When we hold ourselves as a perpetual student, out to learn from others but not holding any wisdom and insight of our own, that transmits.

When we hold ourselves as the conduit and curator of a vast and powerful body of knowledge, that transmits as well.

Most of my clients already know that an important body of work wants to come into the world through them. They feel and sense it, even if they can’t fully name it.

But they don’t always feel up to it. Sometimes it shows up as “I don’t have the words for it.”

But underneath “I don’t have the words for it” is often an undiagnosed issue of identity.

Not having a way to name or hold who you are as big enough to be up to the task of bringing your innovate wisdom forward.

A recent client told me she reached out because the person who recommend her to me said that I would help “expand her identity so it was big enough for the work that wants to come through”.

I don’t think I’ve said clearly enough or often enough that that is at the heart of what I do when I work with a client to name the True Spirit of their Work (and Life) and their True Wisdom.

It’s not just that I help them say what they do when what they do is deep, powerful, and hard to describe. Or get them to clear, simple language that folks will understand. Or vibrant words that make people say “ooh, I want that.”

It’s that as they tell me stories of how they’ve lived their lives, and what those experiences meant, I start to see what they don’t yet see fully for themselves. I hear the language patterns, the themes, the threads. I see them.

And what I see is usually a much bigger identity than my clients had been claiming before we worked together.

We see together that the Spirit of the work, that who they are, that what becomes possible through their presence and efforts is larger, more alive, more potent, than they’d ever named before.

I invite them into that bigger identity, that bigger territory of who they are and what their work creates.

Clients often tell me that the True Spirit we name feels true. But that it can feel “too big” or “too grand”. Until they start to live into it.

Our conventional marketing training doesn’t help us do that. It actually dampens our expression of what we do by dumbing it down to something narrow and transactional and expected.

But the magic and power of who we are lives outside of those narrow, transactional, and expected parameters.

It lives in the fabric that is woven out of all the experiences we’ve lived, all the moments we came alive, that we used our energy and presence and efforts to create something meaningful in the world.

It lives in the not yet articulated themes of those experiences, the language we didn’t have before that ties those disparate experiences together.

It lives in the beautiful details of those individual experiences that become the metaphors for what comes alive when someone moves into our orbit.

When we find words for ourselves to claim that more expansive identity, we start to inhabit that larger territory. We see for ourselves that our work is so much more than we gave it credit for. We see that the impact of our work is deeper and bigger and stronger and more powerful than we’ve been making room for.

We recognize that we aren’t “just” a coach. But that we invite tender souls into a recognition of their own core of strength that gives them the power to stand up to injustice.

That we aren’t “just” helping women business owners make and keep more money. That we are awakening fierce women into mastery of their vast powers to summon and manage a flow of wealth that benefits everyone around them.

Your identity is who you recognize yourself to be. It’s what you claim as your reason to be here. It’s what you own as you walk through the world.

Your ability to show up in the world in your full Potent Expression – galvanizing the people around you —  begins with Identity work. With seeing and knowing and naming the bigger story of who you are and what comes into the world through you.

I invite people into the amplified power that’s accessible when they dial in to the details, when they claim the specificity and full scope of what they bring to the table. That’s bigger than they would have ever named for themselves.

My mission is to help more people know the True Spirit of their Work, and their True Wisdom.

To live by that True Spirit and True Wisdom for the richest possible life.

And then, to generate income offering that True Spirit and True Wisdom to the world.

If that’s the path you are on, let’s get started.

We can start writing YOUR True Spirit statement next week:

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