[Say What You Do Better] Lesson One: You Can’t Do It Wrong

So here you are wanting to tell the world what you do.

Yearning to be seen and appreciated and valued.

So many rules and recommendations about how to do it. You’ve done the trainings.

Say this. Don’t say that.

Be brief. Be dramatic.

Use emotional appeals.

Make it third-grade language.

Talk about money. Talk about weight loss. No one cares about anything else.

Don’t be “airy fairy”.

Don’t use words like “empowerment” or “transformation”.

All of this can put your head into a spin.

All of this can shut you down. Make you hesitant.

Make you less likely, not more likely to show up in the world.

Consider this.

You can’t do it wrong.

You really can’t do it wrong.

If you are willing to show up in the world to do good work and you are willing to sit in front of a web cam and open your mouth and make a video or put fingers on a key board and type something to go out on social media or pick up the phone and call a colleague for a conversation, you are already doing it right.

What matters is that you show up.

That you write and speak about what you do the best you can each day you can.

If you do that, you will get better at it.

The more you write and speak, the more will come out of you.

The more new thoughts and ideas you will have.

Your bones and your body and your heart will rise up and guide you to different ways to do it. Something will pull you in the right direction.

You will start to believe that you and the world benefit from the expression, and the offering, of who you are. You will prioritize that over getting it right.

Yes. I am going to make suggestions the next few weeks of what you can do DIFFERENTLY.

I am going to invite you to experiment so your bones and body and heart can see what that feels like. So they can nudge you where to go next.

I am going to encourage you to let the winds of these new ways of doing this fill your sails and push you out into the world a little more.

(And yes, there are times in the arc of your business to take a few steps back so you can do the deeper digging that gets you even more good stuff to take out in the world. Not because you aren’t ready, but so you can build more potency. That’s a lot of what I do with private clients and in my coaching groups. There is a place for refinement and precision and depth.)

But do that second.

First, build your courage and your commitment to show up in the world the best you can.

Build the muscles of writing and speaking about what you do with love and imperfection.

As a matter of habit. As a matter of discipline.

Because writing and speaking about what you do is who you are.

Cherishing who you are and what you bring to the table.

Measuring your success by the joy in your heart and not the number of likes you get on a post.

Taking seriously the job of being the voice, the mouthpiece, the advocate for this gorgeous work that is here to come through you. Knowing that if you don’t speak up, and you don’t show up, that the work won’t flourish.

Knowing that very few things matter more than this.

Play here this week and next and the one after with me. Not because you’ll get it right then. But because it will bring you more alive.

And then keep playing when this challenge is done.

Your assignment:

Hand on your heart.

Hand on your belly.

Three deep breaths. Or more if you choose.

Ask your gorgeous, beautiful work, the work only you can do, this:

How do you want me to show up for you?

What do I need to do to honor you?

Where do I need to stretch or leap to do right by you?

What do I need to say that I am not already saying?

Let the answers come. In as many breaths as you need.

Then write the answers down.

If you’d like to share what came up with, come join my Potent Expression Facebook group.


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