Time to tune in to what 2018 wants to tell you!

Our live Annual “Planning” Day has already taken place. Use this page to access all the recordings and downloadable workbooks you need to take yourself through the “Planning” process.

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How to Prepare for the “Planning” Day

There is one important exercise I recommend you do before viewing Session One of the “Planning” Day: And that is a Year-End Inventory. You can download instructions on how to do the Inventory here:

Year-End Inventory (Updated 12/05/17)

I  love this part of the process, and I often take three hours or more to go through the process. You can also do a shorter Inventory if you prefer.

Your “Planning” Workbook

The Annual “Planning” Day workbook can be downloaded here.

It’s NOT a fill-in-the-blank workbook, so you’ll want to also have a journal and pens to work with so you can write as much as you want.

Join My Facebook Group

I encourage you to join our Expressive Power Facebook group for conversation about this process and what you discover before, during, and after our Planning Day: https://www.facebook.com/groups/618343144872669/

While this group is not EXCLUSIVE to the Annual “Planning” Day, it’s a closed group where we can meet and discuss what is emerging from the Annual “Planning” Day. Because there are members of the group who are not registered for APD, please do NOT share links and other resources for the “Planning” Day in the Facebook group. Please email me or message me/tag me on FB if you or someone else needs something.

Annual Planning Day Recordings

IMPORTANT NOTE: Video players use Flash. Please enable Flash on your browser to view them.

Session 1

Download Audio | Download Chat Transcript

Session 2

Download Audio | Download Chat Transcript

Session 3

Download Audio | Download Chat Transcript

Session 4

Download Audio | Download Chat Transcript

Session 5

Download Audio | Download Chat Transcript

Additional Resources

Financial Map

Here you can download an your Financial Planning Map, including a blank template:
Download Handout | Download Example Template | Download Blank Template

Here’s to a fabulous 2018! If you have any questions, contact us: isabel at isabelparlett.com